Meet The Artists of “From Underfoot: Breaking Through Surface and Ground”


Meet the artists from “From Underfoot: Breaking Through Surface and Ground“, on view June 7th – September 9th at Blue Star Contemporary.

From ceramics to discarded materials, photographs to intricate weavings, “From Underfoot: Breaking Through Surface and Ground” the relationships between the terrestrial and the human. The selected artworks play on different expressions around concepts of materiality, memory, identity, consumerism, and nature, all investigating the passage of time and mortality through surface and ground.


Caroline Carlsmith

As a visual artist and writer, I explore art and language strategies humans use to push past the boundaries of our corporeal lives and engage with figures and worlds not otherwise available to us. My goal is to emphasize not only the power but also the limits of such endeavors – the ways we do not connect outside our direct experience, as well as the ways we do.
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Jenny Day

The paintings acknowledge a distancing. The built environment as landscape, landscape as the construct, the construct fragmented. A scattering of attention. The ruins of human intentions wholly glorious in their decay. Abandoned and remembered and recorded and replicated. Distorted each step of the way.
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Carrie Dickason

My intention is to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I am interested in creating work that seduces viewers through materiality and invites them to contemplate their ideas about consumption and disposal; nature and culture; attraction and repulsion, recognizing its impossibility.
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Leah Dyjak

These works literally fracture traditions. The edges of the photographs mimic the fracturing of the land’s edge. The concrete and asphalt appear soft, fallible and defeated by the rains, winds, and tides. Immovable objects that are tethered by gravity to the earth are flung above our heads. The barriers that divide us are felled in a single instant.
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Anja Marais

The only constant in the unfurling of humanity as nomads is the one witness, the earth. When immigrants, nomads, pioneers, pilgrims, and refugees trekked through the milieu of wilderness they left behind their rituals, ceremonies, and stories in the soil. An antique philosophy from Africa that ancestors exchanged with the earth in communion. A sacred ritual between man and the wild. In my work, I excavate these unspoken testimonies out of landscapes.
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Marianne McGrath

Inspired by the landscape of my agrarian childhood home now blanketed by suburban sprawl, my work is based on a contemplation of material, process, and object metaphors that juxtapose the medium of clay with industrial and reclaimed materials to create installations that speak of what I call landscapes lost. I strive for these works to be spaces and scenarios the viewer can physically or psychologically enter and inhabit, that call for one to pause and witness the result of my consideration of the changing landscapes that surround us.
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Ronen Raz

Everyday consumer products (car parts, road parts, supermarket carts, flush pipes and more) undergo surgical and chemical manipulations as they come to life with biological tissue and evoke associations towards an organic body, which, though exhibiting signs of sexuality and sensuality, remains compressed, drained, exhausted, and primarily human.
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