A Minute with Jewelry Designer Laura Quiñones of Laura Q Design Studio

As a designer I’m intrigued by how plants and flowers grow and function. Their asymmetries, imperfections and unexpected shapes inspire my jewelry. Since 1992, as an independent studio jewelry designer I have been designing and hand fabricating unique, contemporary, one-of-a-kind jewelry.


All pieces incorporate different sources of color from gemstones, resin, enamel and powder coating. The working process involves a combination of forging, carving and traditional metal smithing techniques and hand fabrication. Sterling silver is my medium of choice and the occasional copper piece with enamel. Sheet metal and wire are the foundation to my jewelry.

I utilize basic hand tools to complete the majority of the metal work including carving, stone setting, and patinas. My designs revolve around the intriguing relationship between metal and color, and I am constantly pushing for unusual ways to manipulate them both.

I have a need to create because there’s a constant flow of ideas in my daily activities which gradually evolve into something colorful with the potential to adorn the body. The bright color on a leaf and its unassuming shape inspire clean lines and unexpected details. My form of expression is jewelry because it combines the wearer’s individuality and my passion for creating.

I love showcasing my jewelry at Mockingbird Handprints at Blue Star Arts Complex because of its kind, friendly and creative atmosphere. Artists are appreciated as individuals and customers engage easier with the artist and get to learn more about the uniqueness of the pieces they are drawn to.


For Blue Star Arts Complex