Cinnabar Presents “The Real World”

At Blue Star, true art-lovers know, Thursday’s are for them! Our galleries extend their hours so you can beat the weekend crowds and enjoy all our art at your pace. This First Thursday brings with it the opening of a brand new exhibition at Cinnabar!

Cinnabar is pleased to present “The Real World”, opening Thursday, December 7th from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. An exhibition of five artists from around the country and world, this diverse collection of works offers a window into the alternate worlds created or observed by each artist. Vibrant and contemplative works have been brought into one space to offer a lens into lives of those we may not even realize we overlook.

Marriette Pathy Allen, an award-winning photographer and writer based in New York City. Allen’s photographs are intimate and honest images of the transgender communities both in the U.S. and abroad. Allen is an activist in and for the transgender community and has written three books; “Crossdressers and Those Who Love Them”, depicting the lives of heterosexual, married men who cross dress, “The Gender Frontier”, documenting the transgender community through political movement and public demonstrations, and “Transcuba”, photographs and portraits of members of the transgender community in Havana.



Linda Arredondo, is a San Antonio based artist who received her BFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio and MFA from Yale School of Art.  Arredondo works in painting, collage and needlepoint portraying the faces of women who appear dangerous and perhaps heroic. The natural appeal of what is culturally or widely accepted as  “feminine” features are both inflated and denied in Arredondo’s creations as she presents the viewer with a portrait as a whole, imperfections and all.



Steven Cromwell, constructs rustic, intricate, hyper-realistic, and extremely tactile dioramas.  Cromwell received his BA from the University of Texas at San Antonio and uses his junkyard sensibility to extract those things that are of value in his eyes, places that once served as a hub for activity, things that others might see as no longer of use or as  instruments of a time gone by. Cromwell’s dioramas allow the viewer the smallest glimpse into that time past, unapologetic of the dirt and rust collected in the years since.



Johnston Foster, Originally from Williamsburg, Virginia and currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Johnston Foster brings a long-lost sense of hand-craftedness to his sculptures, which are created out of discarded, cast-off materials he finds strewn across highway medians, tossed into dumpsters, and abandoned in alleys.
In repurposing these collected materials and choosing to work with found materials Foster creates a dialog about consumer culture and society’s relationship with the natural world.



David Magnusson, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. His photograph’s portray stories based on personal photojournalism and present work that provokes thought more than provides answers. Magnusson’s Purity series started with the artist confronting his own prejudice toward the phenomenon of purity balls held in the southern United States. The images Magnusson captured can be seen through multiple frames of reference depending on the viewer’s personal experiences.



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