“REHAB” Opening Reception

Presa House Gallery

December 1, 2017 6:00 pm - December 1, 2017 11:00 pm

Following a successful three month Pop-Up series staged within the Blue Star Arts Complex, Presa House Gallery returns home to 725 S. Presa Street. Presa House is excited to welcome the public in celebrating their return to the house and welcome the ​New ​Media ​Arts ​Collective ​from ​the ​University ​of ​Texas at ​San Antonio. The Opening Reception for this special one-night multimedia exhibition will be held First Friday, December 1, from 6–11pm.

“REHAB” ​is ​the ​latest ​and ​greatest ​art ​from ​members ​of ​UTSA’s ​New ​Media ​Collective. ​Celebrating ​its fourth ​year, ​the ​New ​Media ​Collective ​has ​included ​some ​of ​the ​country’s ​brightest, ​nationally recognized ​artists ​proving ​the ​collective ​as ​a ​leading ​member ​of ​the ​San ​Antonio ​arts ​community. This ​show ​will feature ​an exhibition ​of ​performances ​and ​multimedia ​installations ​and will act as ​a ​space ​for ​it’s ​members ​to ​engage ​with ​community ​outreach.

“REHAB” ​features the work of ​​Alexandra ​Williams, ​Augustine ​Chavez, ​Eric ​Ryberg, ​Gabi ​Cruz, Houston ​Fryer, ​Jayné ​Valverde, ​Jen ​Seo, ​John ​Dalton ​Atkins, ​Juan ​Vallejo, ​Kristen ​Murphy, ​Martín ​C. Rodríguez, ​Sonya ​Marie ​Sky, ​and ​Verena ​Gaudy. The ​UTSA ​New ​Media ​Collective ​is ​headed ​by ​Professor ​Mark ​McCoin ​and ​includes ​advanced undergraduate ​and ​graduate ​students ​from ​the ​UTSA ​Department ​of ​Art ​and ​Art ​History. ​Founded ​in 2013, ​members ​in ​the ​collective ​explore ​how ​art ​grows ​beyond ​formats ​of ​traditional ​media ​such ​as sculpture ​and ​painting ​to ​create ​works ​that ​push ​the ​boundaries ​of ​art ​happening ​now.