“All The Best Parts”

February 5, 2016 6:00 pm - February 5, 2016 9:00 pm

Brittany Ham, UTSA MFA

Artist Statement 

In my work I am interested in imagined forms and invented perfection. Much like the daydreams of my childhood, my artistic process revolves around creating the “perfect” something. Channeling the aspirations of my youth, I fragment bodies of pop stars, underwear models, cowboys, divas, and David Bowie to create new bodies that become unrecognizable in their “perfection.”

When I was young I spent a large portion of my childhood imagining the perfect life experiences that I was sure I would someday have.  I dreamt of growing up to be a pop star unicorn mermaid and was certain that I would marry David Bowie. My favorite part of these future dreams was the imagining of my future boyfriend and of my own new perfect form.  My boyfriend could be made of nothing but piles of muscles and strong jawlines, and I would be made of nothing but pop star flash and hair and legs and breasts. Objectively speaking, all of the “best” parts.

By taking it several steps further than I did as a child, I rely on this process of amalgamation to combine body parts until they seem to lose their sense of human form all together. Once simplified into abstracted shapes, I begin to explore what the best parts of man have to offer.

Solo Exhibition will include 2 Oil Paint Panels, Watercolor Mono-prints, and Fabric Appliqué on Leather.

Opening Reception:

Thursday, February 4 6-pm

108 Blue Star, Upstairs