Arte y Pasión Live Flamenco at Brick

The Brick at Blue Star

October 13, 2016 8:00 pm

Arte y Pasión is a San Antonio based company with a talent base from surprising places. The group’s combined experience includes performances for the Ambassador of Spain, presidents of the United States and foreign dignitaries, at such venues from Casa Patas to the Kennedy Center and Broadway’s Joyce Theater.


Arte y Pasión is made possible in part by the Artist Foundation of San Antonio, whose purpose it is to enrich our artistic and economic fabric by providing monetary awards to individual artists, across diverse disciplines, thereby advancing their creative enterprise and the arts in our community. While there are many organizations that provide funding to arts organizations, the Foundation is the only organization in our area that distinguishes itself with the sole objective of giving to individual artists. The San Antonio Artist Foundation believes that by granting awards and recognition to our artists the art market in San Antonio and Bexar County will grow, diversify and prosper; that artists are in fact small business owners and are an important factor in economic development. 

Artistic Director Tamara Adira