Artist Talk: Intricacies

Flax Studio

June 25, 2018 7:00 pm - June 25, 2018 8:00 pm

Join us at Flax Studio for an artist talk with Noah Davidson, Carly Hernandez, Bonnie Kenkel, Angela Wilson and Deliasofia Zacarias as they discuss their work currently displayed at Flax Studio for the month of June.

INTRICACIES is an exhibition about the creation of artwork by way of a detailed and precise perspective seen in each of the pieces in its own individualistic way. This exhibition features artwork by recent Trinity University Art graduates, Noah Davidson, Carly Hernandez, Bonnie Kenkel, Angela Wilson, and Deliasofia Zacarias. Through a wide variety of media, including sculpture, digital prints, paintings, and photography, each artist shares their unique approach. With each individual artist comes a different focus: the meticulous exploration of social and cultural identity, intimate observations of form, and elaborate interpretations of nature.

Noah Davidson is an Art major, concentrating in clay sculpture and slip casting from Houston, Texas. Emotions are integral to Davidson’s manipulation of clay; for example, sadness leading to squeezed grip marks, or anger to smashed indentations. With his current body of work, Davidson aims to transform invasive, sturdy bamboo species into fragile, empty shells resembling reliquaries. His delicate recreations of nature examine textures and shapes often overlooked or underappreciated and convey a sense of reverence.

Carly Hernandez is an Art major and New Media minor from Houston, Texas. Coming from a family of makers, and having learned at a young age to sew and crochet, Hernandez is interested in the process of how things are made. Her current body of work draws on patterns and textures found in textiles. Her meticulously crafted paintings integrate qualities of realism and abstraction, and emphasize the construction and deconstruction of woven textiles.

Bonnie Kenkel is an Art major and Arts, Letters, and Enterprise minor from Portland, Oregon. She works in many different mediums, but specializes in digital photography. Kenkel is drawn to the digital process for its immediacy and flexibility in capturing her ever-evolving ideas. In her current body of work, she composes uneasy nightscapes. Each tension-filled image is composed not to depict an incident, but rather to evoke the potential for one.

Angela Wilson is an Art major and Arts, Letters, and Enterprise minor from Houston, Texas. Her large-scale paintings depict passive female figures in threatening surroundings. The thick paint application and color palette create correlations between materiality and feminine ideals. Through symbolic representation such as snakes, scorpions, and broken flower pots, she questions the female reception to gender roles and stereotypes.

Deliasofia Zacarias is an Art major and Business Administration double major from El Paso, Texas. Through her personal experiences as a Hispanic female in America, Zacarias’ artwork explores cultural identity. The multi-panel representations of herself create “glimpses” of past, present, and projections of future experiences. Zacarias aims to break down boundaries of class, gender, and color and promote diversity and inclusion through conversation.


Image + content courtesy of Flax Studio.