Artist Talk with Acidwinzip

Flax Studio

May 23, 2018 7:00 pm - May 23, 2018 8:00 pm

Digital Devotion | artwork by Acidwinzip | curated by Katy Silva
On view May 4 – 23, 2018

Drawing from their devout Catholic upbringing, Acidwinzip reexamines the Rosary, with each work corresponding to the mysteries that depict moments leading up to the crucifixion. Reframed as a contemporary narrative, the work explores internet culture/fame and the rise and fall of digital trends while utilizing classical artwork and modern iconography.

The work presented in Digital Devotion is a homage to the artist’s religious past. The 5 pieces that are presented mirror the Catholic tradition of the 5 Mysteries of the rosary. However, instead of religious images, we find digital collages depicting different moments of one’s experiences on the internet and social media.

About AcidWinZip

Acidwinzip is a digital artist based out of San Antonio, TX. Their digital collages are comprised of computer-generated images and other elements, cut and pasted onto a digital canvas. Their collages are inspired by art history, nostalgia, and internet culture and are primarily made for the artist’s Instagram account. The work explores the contrast of traditional art vs modern computer-generated art and remixing the two to create something new.

“Digital Devotion” is Acidwinzip’s second solo show. Their work is made predominantly to be viewed on their Instagram account @acidwinzip. Beginning years ago as an anonymous visual Vaporwave artist, the work has evolved over time to reflect more personal approach to creating work, but still maintaining a core “net art” aesthetic.

About Flax Studio

Flax Studio opened in January 2016 in the historic Southtown Arts District as a studio & gallery space to shed light on emerging creative talent in San Antonio. Flax is run by Katy Silva, San Antonio based painter & graphic designer. Silva formerly worked at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, and now works at the Rivard Report. To view Katy Silva’s personal website, visit