“Bad Bunny” By Sarah Fox – First Friday Reception

FL!GHT Gallery

June 3, 2022 6:00 pm - June 3, 2022 10:00 pm

FLIGHT is proud to present Sarah Fox’s “Bad Bunny,” in their main gallery this month.
Statement from the artist :
The drawings in the Bad Bunny series are created by a woman, looking at the history of art.
Specifically the history of men looking at and creating art from the nude female form. These
erotic, sensual, gorgeous figures have always held a fascination for me despite being the
definition of objectification. The history of Western art has been a chronicling of male desire
and power. The silly, sexy Bad Bunny drawings are created by taking classic poses or scenes
from art history and popular culture, then recreating them using a very camp aesthetic. In place of the female I am placing myself, or my more specifically a curvy pink bunny alter ego. In the drawings I am taking ownership of, using and building upon the original male desire from which the works were created. But the final drawings are sillier, softer – a safer space for women and non-binary people to revel in the erotic and the female form.
The surreal puppet show, “Bad Bunny Gets Lucky”, was created in direct response to the recent abortion restriction legislation passed in Texas. In it, I use humor, sexuality, and rage to push back against the policing and politicization of women's bodies. The marionettes, props, and drawings included in the show satirize traditional dynamics of power and imagine new realities.
My research-based, multi-media work always begins with the body. The body is usually one
that lives on the edge of society, its difference being the thing that pushed it there. I am
interested in the history of the outcast, and the way these bodies have been represented
throughout history. I look at and research folklore, religion, movies, popular culture, erotic art
and literature. When a body is too strange, too sexual, not functioning the way it “should”, too
beautiful, too powerful-especially when that body presents itself as feminine-it is often
demonized. Its difference, standing out as an alternative to constructed modes of power, is
silenced, punished as wrong and labeled monstrous. These monsters, these humans that are
creating their own way forward, their own ideas of beauty, their own power, are the future I
wish to follow. My work creates worlds, objects, stories about and for these powerful monsters
and for other people who see the outcast as prophet.
My work is unsettling, it is elusive, but it is also beautiful and imaginative. It presents an
alternative for those brave enough to dive in. My videos, drawings, cyanotypes, and objects
explore sexuality, power, autonomy and escape through a sort of cinematic dream logic. I like
to build to a final culminating story in my work, usually presented as a video, puppet show or
performance. But the drawings, props, sculptures, books, fiber works, and collections are
equally important in a final exhibition. They are the tactile objects that flesh out and make real
the imagined world.