Brötzmann/Leigh at Flight Gallery

FL!GHT Gallery

May 24, 2019 7:00 pm - May 24, 2019 10:00 pm

Contemporary Whatever Presents: Brötzmann/Leigh

Since 2015, Brötzmann/Leigh, the duo of Peter Brötzmann (saxophones, clarinets) & Heather Leigh (pedal steel guitar), have established themselves as a formidable duo, touring extensively and electrifying audiences with their singular, dynamic group sound all over Europe, USA/Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Australia, appearing at many major festivals and playing intimate club spaces.

Together they bring countless decades of experience at the cutting edge of ferocious speed-of-thought improvisation and deep lyrical soul. They have released 4 albums, ‘Ears Are Filled With Wonder’ and ‘Sex Tape’ on Vienna’s Trost Records and ‘Crowmoon’ a limited, private release on BRÖ/LEIGH. Their newest studio album (LP/CD), ‘Sparrow Nights’, was released on Trost Records in November 2018.

Flight Gallery
Doors at 7pm
$10-$15 donation

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