Cats Can Draw, So Can You

Mockingbird Handprints

June 9, 2018 1:00 pm - June 9, 2018 4:30 pm

On Saturday Robert will be showing, guiding, demonstrating and helping anyone who would like to draw or paint on a mural with furnished brushes, pre-mixed acrylic paints, markers, and graphite. A three foot wide roll of paper will be unfurled and embellished with character and the personalities of everyone as we create together. As the paper fills we will scroll it, building our community’s vision and mural with animals, Texas plants, lawn mowers, birds and everything. It will be great fun to build this together.

Born and raised in San Antonio, graduated UT Austin, living in Austin and a prolific artist in many styles: plein air watercolors, oil abstracts, sculptures in wood and ink cartoons.

“San Antonio is my home even though I left to attend The University Of Texas at Austin in 1989 and regardless of my subsequent adventures after graduation in one of the best places, Kansas City, Missouri. Mexico calls me back and I suggest our maps are upside down. California and Oregon send salutations, but San Antonio is where my heart is.”

Artwork and demonstrations by Robert Wymer.
Cats Can Draw, So Can You
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Description of Work:
“I have no direct knowledge of anything. I can only describe the shadows in Plato’s cave by way of story, models, metaphors, comparisons and patchy recall. While there probably is an objective reality I can only know it by perception of its moving shadow. Reality seems not funny but the beings who sometimes, like myself think they know it are fantastically hilarious. Unintended consequences, serendipity, suppositions, misunderstandings and surprises are generating features of evolution and life. Every day is a test. Choices appear to cause outcomes; outcomes which are as diverse as we are adventurous. Art is an indirect means by which I share my indirect knowledge of reality.”


Watercolor by Robert Wyler “Free Market Baby”