Creative Creatures Presents: The Broken Hearts Club

February 2, 2018 6:00 pm - February 2, 2018 11:00 pm

THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB will be Creative Creature’s next Group Art Exhibition that will be a collection of works that are inspired by a specific song that each artist personally identifies with heartbreak.

Join us on FIRST FRIDAY in Southtown this February at CREATIVE CREATURES! This month’s gallery show will be curated and hosted by Husband & Wife, Karen G. Rios (Nouveau Nostalgic) & Eddy Rios (Taco Boy Designs), the Founders & Owners of CREATIVE CREATURES (Gallery-Shop-Studio).


Alejandra Reyes (Laredo)
Alyssa Swientek (San Antonio)
Ashley Tristán (Laredo)
Avery Palewich Andrade (San Antonio)
Bryanna Derderian (San Antonio)
Carlos Morfin (San Antonio)
Cecilia Arce (San Antonio)
Connie Chapa (San Antonio)
Christian Massey (San Antonio)
Dariela Alejandra Estrada Hernandez (San Antonio)
Dario Hernandez (San Antonio)
Eddy Rios (San Antonio)
Elon Morena Alaniz (San Antonio)
Eric Garza (San Antonio)
Erik Ybarra (San Antonio)
Erika Ordoñez (Laredo)
Ernesto Perez (Victoria)
Genevieve Sheyanne Ashcraft (San Antonio)
Gerardo A Cazares (San Antonio)
Heather Rodriguez (San Antonio)
Irving Pinales (San Antonio)
Iris S deAndrade (San Antonio)
Israel Rico (San Antonio)
Jessica Taylor Sepulveda (San Antonio)
Jillian Gayle Gomez (San Antonio)
Jocelyn Trask (San Antonio)
John Peña (Laredo)
Jonathan Estrada (San Antonio)
Julian Garza (San Antonio)
Justin Rice (San Antonio)
Karen Rios (San Antonio)
Kepfoe (San Antonio)
Kristi-Ann Gustin (San Antonio)
Kwanzaa Edwards (San Antonio)
Kyle Otto (San Antonio)
Luis M Hernandez (Laredo)
Lyric Garcia (San Antonio)
Maggie Alvarado (San Antonio)
Marlene Mejia (San Antonio)
Melissa and Epsr Martinez (San Antonio)
Michael Finnegan (San Antonio)
Nik Soupe (San Antonio)
Regina Morales (San Antonio)
Skylar A. Richter (Boerne)
Valerie Brown (San Antonio)
Vanessa Castillo (Laredo)
Vanessa Lynn (San Antonio)
Vanessa Young (San Antonio)
Zach Espinoza (San Antonio)
Zane Thomas (San Antonio)

FREE // All Ages Welcome // 6-11pm