Empty Rooms Project – Luis M. Garza

3rd Space Art Gallery

February 9, 2014 1:00 am - February 9, 2014 4:00 am

<p><span><span class="fsl">Empty Rooms Project <br /> Empty by one definition refers to the lack of meaning or substance. It eludes to the notion of a time before time or an eastern philosophical theme that all things come from nothing. Presently, theoretical physicists grapple with the idea of what was before the big bang. Was it really empty, nothing then a flash, bang, or sizzle then everything?<br /> <br /> A Room is by one definition a space that is or may be occupied. A room as shelter also provides a structure for basic survival as it is typic<span class="text_exposed_show">ally listed as one of the top three survival needs. Observation of the traditional western home; a room becomes a reference that defines oneself by how and what is placed within it. A central tenant of Our American Dream requires them. Rooms also are a storage of many things. They store our memories and achievements as reminders of our connection with the past. Conversely, they end up storing our waste and insecurities as we build them up as defense from the other.<br /> The Empty Rooms Project is a reflection of the past year as I&rsquo;ve photographed homes for sale on the real estate market. These homes were once full. They contained lives and events. Now they are left empty in anticipation of the next guest. For this exhibition the empty rooms are deconstructed then piecemeal back together in varying configuration into abstract pattern, shelter objects from our memory, or contemplate the fading back to emptiness.!<br /> <br /> ~ Luis M Garza!</span></span></span></p>