Exhibition Closing: Jonathan McFadden: Doesn’t Have a Clue

February 17, 2018 12:00 pm - February 17, 2018 5:00 pm

Jonathan McFadden’s print and installation work interacts with, interprets, and processes fragments of personal narratives of the people we have loose associations with while finding ourselves as voyeurs in these personal moments. While these digital images appear in our social feeds temporarily, they have a permanence and history that exists beyond the brief moment we view them on our devices. By utilizing this information for object creation, the ephemeral take on a static permanence alters how the information is consumed and allows the viewer to engage in new dialogues with the work. This ephemeral form of narrative gets woven and intertwined in the imagery, text, and objects used in his work. McFadden seeks connections between the objects and information that allow for the print and object based work to become linked in site-specific installations that balance the ephemeral with the presence of an ongoing history. [MORE…]

Admission Info: Free

Individual Dates & Times: *
Feb 15, 2018: 12 pm – 5 pm (Thu)
Feb 16, 2018: 12 pm – 5 pm (Fri)
Feb 17, 2018: 12 pm – 5 pm (Sat)