Fl!ght Camp 3

Hot Wells - Hosted by Flight

March 29, 2019 8:00 am - March 31, 2019 6:00 pm

FL!GHT Camp is a chance for our extended family of artists, makers, and friends to come together over a great weekend (Mar 29,30,31 2019) and camp/cook/perform/eat/drink/dance and play in a safe environment on a fabulous wooded in-town property nearby the old Hot Wells Hotel Ruins.

The Concept of FL!GHT Camp involves programming not only coordinated by Camp Management but also by the campers themselves. Everyone is asked to “participate” in some way that makes the most sense for them and their interests.


Land rush aka camp setup is all day Friday, parking for the weekend is offsite across the river on private property after you have setup. – A bicycle is highly recommended for the weekends bike rides and experiences! Ideally all vehicles will be offsite by sunset on Friday. A lot more of the sites are accessible by car during setup this year because of some reconfiguration, so you can think a little larger in your camp!

A community dinner spearheaded by Mariah is on the roster for this years Friday night – like last year, Friday night is a programming free for all and a great time to plan something fun in your camp for other campers ( I’m looking at your dance party CAMP DREAMBORED! ) … I’ve already heard the Bats will be playing blues at sunset on Friday…

Camp gets underway with our “official” programming on Saturday afternoon around 2 with a welcome bike ride on the river trail! Tito from Bottom Bracket will be in residence for the weekend and we look forward to his helpful influence in making our rides the best they can be! Like last year, some of the experiences ( Hey Nathan Felix under the fabled Echo Bridge!!) will be accessible via a group bike ride during the weekend..
Bring your Bike! (SAY IT AGAIN!)

Some other “official experiences” we have lined up this year so far include Music by Mike Ryan, DJ Cotulla Banquette, Josh Glenn, Drawing with Jeff Wheeler, Bill Daniel, Echo Bridge part Deux, Midnite Printing with David Salinas, Mobile Om Yoga, Rock Hunting with Giddings and more…

This year we have a kitchen Manager (Jason!) coordinating our official meals out of the big kitchen and we have so many amazing chefs in addition to him bringing their A game! Are you a chef and want to participate and camp? Hit me up! So far I have Halston, Brandon, Mark, Jennifer, Mariah, Baking with Smo, Bakery Lorraine and a handful of folks I havent gotten quite cleared yet!

Expect on Saturday – group Lunch / Snacks / Dinner and Late Night snacks – More details as to who will present what will come together as we get closer!

Are you a bartender or Do you make weird drinks? Are you a cocktail artist at home? Feel free to have little cocktail parties at your camp for the friends you make… or setup a small lounge ( like Greg Mannino & Gabby and Nicolas did last year!) Hit Me up Bartenders who want to camp!

There will be beer. (!!!)

And it all ends with a Sunday Soft Landing Brunch and gradual pack out – Goal of clearing the site by sunset Sunday. .

How much is all of this you ask? $100 donation to FL!GHT Gallery (this event helps pay our rent!) gets you a campsite for you and a friend – each additional $50 donation gets another ticket to your site! Feel free to double or triple up w friends and get one of the bigger sites!

Donations / Tickets are only available through messaging Justin Parr directly (here on FB, or 210 872 2586 via text message).