Get To The MASA-Port!

Blue Star Contemporary

February 4, 2022 6:00 pm - February 4, 2022 9:00 pm

Open Call!!!

What is Project:MASA?
Founded in 2005, the idea behind the Project:MASA series continues to be to effect change by continuing discussions, educating and bringing together the community around ideals of social justice and inclusiveness through cosmic awareness, through the use of science fiction, through the use of science and social/political satire. For more info about Project:MASA visit: <>

What is a Cosmic Outfit/Space Suit in “Cosmic Couture”?
These articles of clothing are meant to represent the outside skin that people have to develop and wear in order to navigate social and cultural spaces. It’s a metaphor—especially now. They are imagined clothing and can be assembled and created out of anything to wear.

What is a MASA-porte?
MASA-portes are passports to space and proof of galactic citizenship. Acquired by the applicant attending while wearing a Cosmic Outfit or Space Suit

How to Apply:
Show up to the MASA-porte Station wearing your cosmic outfit or space suit to apply for a MASA-porte. You must pose for a photograph of the outfit and a passport size photo for the MASA-porte. By doing so, the applicant agrees to release the photo image for a future curated photo exhibit in the Project:MASA Series and documentation that will be archived for educational purposes and future presentations..

When & Where to Apply:
—February 4th, 2022. 6pm-9pm at Blue Star Contemporary, 116 Blue Star, SATX 78204