Hi-End Print Releases by Eva Marengo Sanchez & New Work by Scotch and Tatum

May 3, 2018 6:00 pm - May 3, 2018 9:00 pm

Choice Goods is showcasing the artwork of Eva Marengo Sanchez, along with new work by Scotch and Tatum! Soft Opening begins at 6pm, free to the public, all ages welcome.

Artist Biography:
Eva Marengo Sanchez was born and raised in San Antonio where she exhibited great promise as a finger painter at a young age. Since then she has formally dabbled in the study of art history, film photography, ceramics, fashion/design, textiles, drawing, and painting but has worked and studied most extensively in oil painting. In 2006, she started learning classic oil painting at Southwest School of Art and fell in love. After receiving her BA from a small liberal arts school in Indiana, she moved to Mexico City where she studied proper Spanish, Mesoamerican Art and Architecture, and Art Conservation. It was there that she became obsessed with food. In 2015, she returned to San Antonio and began developing her skill as a drafts(wo)man at San Antonio College.

Artist Statement:
This series is an ode to my home and to the cravings I have when I am away. With my own community as the intended audience, I wanted the images to be recognizable and to show off their aesthetic beauty. My hope is that by stripping away the environment, the subject becomes an icon for a larger shared experience. For example, those of us from urban San Antonio know that a BBQ plate in a to-go container is not taken out, it is a fundraiser benefiting part of our community. These prints use symbols of home to express what home and what missing home looks like to me.

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