Jonathan Paul Jackson : A Natural Curiosity

FL!GHT Gallery

May 3, 2018 6:00 pm - May 4, 2018 9:00 pm

New Work from Jonathan Paul Jackson :A Natural Curiosity

Come have a beer on us at the reception! Cheers!

From the artist :

Curiosity is something that as artists we must exercise and celebrate; it’s our curiosity that leads us to discoveries that lead to breakthroughs. As a child I was very curious about this thing called art; I grew up with art being in every relative’s house, depending on the relative determined what type of work they would have on their walls from flea market farm country landscapes to fine art abstract paintings. My curiosity of the art in my uncle and aunt’s house led them to taking me to my first art museum, which led to me getting art supplies and exploring my curiosity hands on. Spending most of my youth in a small west Texas town provided me with things to nurture my curiosity for exploring, which meant walking through the woods and the sandy landscapes along with my family taking me camping in Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. where I learned of relatives in the Sioux Native American tribe. So my appreciation for nature and Native American art, the first type of Indigenous art I would really start to study, started to show up in my early sketchbooks.

Flash forward 20 years and I wake up everyday with the same enthusiasm as I did as a young child, I feel I am probably even more curious about art than I have ever been, with nature, still, my main subject matter. As I followed my curiosity of how I can make nature landscapes my own, just as Van Gogh had made landscapes his own, learning to put a certain emphasises on particular things I see that exist within nature and using imagery from certain Indigenous people again to celebrate and appreciate the fading past, it has lead me to the body of work that I have been making over the past two years. Following my natural curiosity has lead me to learn more about nature, history of Indigenous peoples and of course art in general which in return has made me find a better self.