2nd Annual King William Triple Crown Relay Race

Blue Star Parking Lot

October 19, 2013 9:00 pm - October 19, 2013 11:00 pm

<p><span>As is well documented in the historical archives of Sauerkraut Bend, the earliest German immigrants to the King William neighborhood celebrated Oktoberfest in 1843 with a 3-part Canoe, Jog, Bike race known as &ldquo;Das Kanu, und das Jogging, und das Fahrrad.&rdquo;&nbsp;</span><br /><br /><span>To honor our 170-year historic heritage, we announce the Second Annual King William Triple Crown, a 3-way competitive relay race involving 6 legs – for paddle, run, and bike.</span><br /><br /><span>The Course</span><span class="text_exposed_show"><br />All teams of 3 should gather in the parking lot of Blue Star 30 minutes before the 4pm start.<br />The race begins with the watercraft portion.<br />Leg #1 – Canoe/Kayakers begin in the water below the Guenther street ramp, and paddle toward the Nueva Street waterfall transition point.<br />Leg #2 – Runners receive a tag at the Nueva Street transition and race south along the river to the Blue Star bike transition.<br />Leg #3 – Cyclists receive a tag and pedal downriver, turning right after the Eagleland bridge, toward Roosevelt Park. Cyclists stay along the river path, crossing Lone Star Boulevard (look both ways before you cross the street!). Cyclists must cross the &lsquo;colored stones&rsquo; bridge just past the embayment below Lone Star Brewery, and complete a loop along the river, re-crossing Lone Star Boulevard (again, look!) retracing the route along the river, crossing back over Eagleland Bridge toward the Blue Star transition.<br />Leg #4 – Runners receive a tag and race north along the river toward Nueva Street.<br />Leg #5 – Canoe/Kayakers receive a tag at the Nueva Street transition and paddle south toward the Guenther Street ramp.<br />Leg #6 &ndash; Teammates must remove the watercraft from the water and haul it up to top of the Blue Star ramp for the photo finish.<br />Prizes will be awarded in two categories<br />Triple Crown Champion &ndash; For the fastest relay time.<br />Generation Cup &ndash; Fastest relay time among teams with at least a 50-year age spread between oldest and youngest teammates. Kids, grab your grandparents and form a team.<br /><br />Other ephemera and errata:<br />1. This is a kid-friendly race.&nbsp;<br />2. Any non-motorized watercraft is permitted for the race. If you want to try your luck with an inner-tube, so be it.<br />3. Wear a helmet during the bike portion for goodness&rsquo; sake.<br />4. The river path likely will have two-way bike traffic, plus pedestrian traffic. The KW Triple Crown trophy is cool, but not worth an injury.&nbsp;<br />5. This race takes place at 4pm to avoid the heat of the day, and to encourage the guilt-free enjoyment of post-race refreshments.<br />6. In that spirit, remember to drink plenty, uh, water.</span></p>