La Habana Outtakes an Exhibition by Artist Jorge Villarreal

The Brick at Blue Star

September 17, 2016 7:00 pm

An Exhibition of Photographs and Video

Jorge’s artistic aesthetic has always been driven towards capturing culture and the human experience. Through his many travels, he has had the opportunity to photograph different people and places and feel passionately about exposing their lives and stories through various artistic mediums. Jorge has been experimenting with still life exploring the world of objects and people that surround him as an important vehicle of expression.

Artist Statement:

While traveling, I try to capture the beauty from the not so beautiful and the peace in the not so peaceful. I am a fearless seeker of the uncommon and portray that through different mediums. My work aims at capturing the variances within cultures and the human experience. The rawness, the grit, the discomfort of reality… this is where I am most aware.

For more information contact Nina Hassele at (210) 630-0235.