Upstairs Studio Meet & Drink

The Upstairs Studios

August 31, 2017 7:00 pm - August 31, 2017 9:00 pm

Our First Event!! This thing started with a simple idea of what it means to be a creative individual here in SA and how we can better connect with each other.

Here’s a little break down for ya:

San Antonio is special.
Anyone who’s been here long enough has seen that though it’s cultural driven roots, it’s deep love for the Spurs, and passion for tacos (no contest needed), there something good about this place. It also has a massive group of artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives that craft/build/design for that love of just doing it. The TwoTen Creative Collective (or just TwoTen) is here to bring those groups together to grow, collaborate, and socialize; here’s why:

Real artists need real support. Whether it may be other like-minded people to have a beer with or you need help on project resource or hey!… you need some feedback on an idea you got…where the hell does that happen now? Let’s make that shi(f)t happen together.
The first event will be a meet and greet so we can get a good look at y’all! Bring your fancy selves down to Carbon Bloom on August 31st for our first ever TwoTen event. A couple of things you can do while there:

•Pin ideas to our Board (drawings and notes are welcomed as well)
•Sign up to help with future events or to get involved (vendors, volunteers, sponsors, cool cats)
•Make it rain! (We are self-funded so all contributions are welcomed)
•Trade business cards
•Bring your friends and make new ones
•Share your current project
•Show off your favorite memes
•Meet the creator of TwoTen & ask a ton of questions (please!)

This organization is made for you, by you. The only way we can grow and improve is with your support. Thanks for having us SA, and keep it in the loop.