Nicholas Frank & Amada Miller at Fl!ght Gallery

FL!GHT Gallery

March 1, 2019 6:00 pm - March 1, 2019 11:59 pm

Main Gallery:
Nicholas Frank
Demos Schmemos

Demos Schmemos is Nicholas Frank’s first solo show in San Antonio since his Artpace residency in January 2017. With a set of new sculptures, Frank continues his consideration of audience, passivity, and participation, with a rumination on the corrosion of democracy and mutual trust. Money, a trust exchange, is referenced in the form of Ancient Greek obolus and drachma, set in hand-built ceramic double-spitoons holding leather renderings of beer foam lacing shapes. Flatscreen TV mounts sit dormant, awaiting eyes, like Charon awaiting payment for conveying the dead through their final river crossing. The glittering residue of days gone by reflects more light from the future than the present.


Back Room:
Amada Miller
Hands Down

Working alongside Nicholas Frank’s exhibition in the main gallery, Amada Miller presents a trust exchange experiment in the form of a temporary speakeasy in the back of FL!GHT called Hands Down. Handmade ceramic coins grant access to a mutual performance of social interaction and abstract economy. Hands Down will be open occasionally throughout the month of March.