Opening Reception For MFA Braydon Gold’s “Self-Disclosure”

September 1, 2016 6:00 pm - September 1, 2016 9:00 pm

MFA Thesis Exhibition

September 1-17, 106

Opening Reception Thursday, September 1 6-9pm

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s Department of Art & Art History is proud to present Master of Fine Arts candidate Braydon Gold’s MFA Thesis Exhibition Self Disclosure

Artist Statement:

Often times I struggle to find the words to convey my deepest feelings and emotions. When words are hard to come by and the emotions are difficult to decipher, I find clarity and strength through the act of creating. In a profound way, Art is its own language. For me, creating artwork is a form of mental meditation and functions as an effective method of saying what can’t be expressed in words. The artwork in this series is the direct result of my struggle to properly convey emotions and thoughts for which I have few words. Each piece represents an effort to reveal the hidden thoughts and complex emotions that dwell within me, and symbolizes critical moments of growth and emotional maturation.

Throughout my life the act of creating art has always been about reaching a state of higher consciousness. Similar to meditation, creating art allows me to work through the anxious and negative thoughts that often keep me from connecting with my true self. When I am in the studio making art, I find myself more aware of the present moment, and acutely tuned into a deeper level of thought. It is in this state of flow and inner stillness that my work originates.

My artwork is made in an intuitive manner, and is inspired by the feelings and emotions that I possess at the moment of creation. The physicality and repetition of my sculptural processes are what makes my work so Personally engaging. The cutting, welding, grinding and sanding allows me to get lost in the work, and helps clear my mind of unwanted mental commotion. These rigorous and physically demanding techniques require a mental and physical connection to the work that reinforces the meditative qualities that I desire. While non-objective in nature, the sculptures I create symbolize the inner tensions and anxieties that I struggle to verbally articulate and express.  My artwork does not depict other objects or derive from external influences, but rather each piece “invents” itself in moments of self-discovery and self-disclosure.

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This exhibition is free and open to the public.
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