Installation by Artist Jack McGilvray, Shared Table No.3 and Handmade Paper-Making Workshop

March 18, 2016 7:00 pm

Artist Statement: I present the observer with a non-linear photographic narrative—one ungrounded, lost in space and time. These images are an invitation to step into a dream. Can you recall a period in your life that no longer seems real, not just because of a temporal distance, but a chasm of trauma that your mind cannot cross, as if the former you entered and emerged a stranger? As time passes, that past seems out of reach. In contrast, the imagined and found feel like truths rising to the surface, the realest things in a dream-like present. You begin looking everywhere for clues.

Haus Collective presents a solo exhibition, platforming contemporary artist and Blue Star Exhibitions Manager Jack McGilvray. McGilvray creates an installation as photographic narrative of the tide between pain and the sublime.

Opening Reception March 18th, 7pm

Exhibition on view through April 15th

Haus Collective also directs their third shared table dining concept this March, to close the exhibition for MFA student Brittany Ham. The dinner will be held on March 12th, 7pm, serving a non-allergenic three course menu with beginner plates from Casey Miller and Corie Dilley.

Themed after the artwork on the walls, the shared table creates a meaningful conversation for the artist and an opportunity to recognize each others potential. This dinner exhibition will derive tastes from the duo’s Mexican influence, migrating to San Antonio from Puebla and Laredo.

$50/person, includes full dinner menu and beverages. Limited Seats Available.

This two-hour workshop located at Guenther’s Upper Mill in hand papermaking includes live demonstrations in hollander-beating (pulp-making from recyclable fibers) and hands-on instruction in western style sheet-pulling using traditional wooded mould-and-deckle sets. Working with portable studio equipment via a push-cart transported by truck, The Mobile Mill has the ability to operate in indoor or outdoor settings, in eitherprivate or public realms. Any number of participants (of all ages; no prior experience is necessary) will leave the workshop with their very own letter-sized handmade paper.

The workshop collaborates with artist Kellen Walker’s Western Drive perfume series, planned to forage forest materials in north Texas (specifically, the location where Walker’s performance and perfumes of Western Drive originated) to be made into handmade paper. The paper will end up as perfume blotter strips for the Western Drive line, and for a limited-edition, scented artist book.

All tools and materials are provided by The Mobile Mill.

Saturday March 19th, 2016


Guenther’s Upper Mill