June 22, 2017 6:30 pm - June 22, 2017 9:00 pm

CINNABAR is pleased to present “Puente*Bridge,” opening Thursday, June 22nd from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. This exhibition is a collaboration with Arte International, an agency established by Ernesto Ibañez to promote the work of Latin American artists in the United States. Thanks to our sponsors – Ferrari of San Antonio, The Flores Group, Plains Capital Bank, and Parlevel – San Antonio’s own Ernesto Ibañez will be showing his work alongside seven other engaging Mexican artists.
Daniel Escobedo received a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Guadalajara. He has exhibited his work at several galleries and museums, including Torre Curro y Poncho Cube Gallery and the Museum of Lopez Portillo in Guadalajara, Mexico. Escobedo’s oil-on-canvas paintings are playful and surreal, often containing images related to childhood and nature.
Ernesto Ibañez also received his BA in Visual Arts from the University of Guadalajara, though he now stays in San Antonio most of the time. A creative and accomplished sculptor, Ibañez has developed a technique that allows him to manipulate common nails in order to simulate fur on his eclectic sculptures of animals. The hundreds of nails are made soft to the touch and pliable, causing the fantastical beings to come alive.
Roberto Morleghem is a self-taught artist based in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has spent more than twenty years perfecting his craft, exhibiting in numerous venues throughout Mexico since the 1990s. His enigmatic paintings use a wide variety of themes and tones, and his paintings are vibrant and large – they represent a sense of limitlessness to him.
Cinthia Nuez specializes in drawing, painting, and illustration. Since obtaining her degree in Fine Arts from the University of Guadalajara, she has taken part in numerous exhibitions in both Guadalajara and Los Angeles. In 2007, she was selected to participate in the MOLAA awards and auction at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California. Her work’s intention is to create puzzling juxtapositions and combine realistic and abstract elements. In each painting, she chooses to draw attention to one particular element, leaving the background unadorned, in order to evoke a sense of sculpture.
Patricia Sanchez-Saiffe obtained her BS in communication from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and currently works as a graphic designer at the University of the Valle de Atemajac. Sanchez-Saiffe is an internationally renowned artist, having exhibited in France, the United States, and Mexico, and her work is a part of private collections in Argentina, Spain, and Japan, to name just a few. Her beautiful paintings mix elements of stark realism with surreal colors and subject matter, creating a truly unique and arresting body of work.
Carlos Torres graduated with a BFA from the School of Plastic Arts at the University of Guadalajara. He has won several awards in juried exhibitions, such as the José Atanasio Monroy Award, and he participated in Jalisco’s annual October Salon in 2008 – 2011 and in 2013. After discovering the art of caricature at a young age, Torres was led into portraiture and realism, styles which he utilizes in his current works. One of his most recent series, entitled “Strange Encounters from the Third World,” uses art to give a voice to socially marginalized people.
Pulse Unf discovered graffiti at the age of ten, and this style of art has had a strong influence on his current work.  He mixes his scholarly knowledge of art with his experiences in street art and everyday life. His images are cheerful, sarcastic and insightful, and he often uses ancient Mesoamerican images to celebrate Mexico’s roots.
Jesus Villalpando creates vibrant, passionate paintings and considers each canvas to be a new challenge. He also devotes some of his time to creating murals and graffiti, though most of his work is painting on canvas. Villalpando seeks to create a form of language with his art – a way to connect human thought with electrifying color.
It would be remiss not to thank Ernesto Ibañez and Arte International for their help in curating this exhibition. In a time when borders seem more like barriers, we have attempted to build a bridge between the art community in Texas and Mexico.