Retrospective: BLASTER at FL!GHT

FL!GHT Gallery

December 3, 2015 6:00 pm - December 24, 2015 9:00 pm

Retrospective: BLASTER FL!GHT
on through December 24th
Image Above: Mail Art, Blaster Al Ackerman

A show within a show, Andre Stitt and James Cobb present a retrospective, a connection to Blaster Al Ackerman over years of correspondence and personal visits. They have dug into their archives to introduce San Antonio to one of its least locally known, but most internationally known native sons.

Will Greathouse a.k.a. Al Ackerman, Blaster, Dr. Al or Ack, or Mrs. Blaster, or Bob Flitt, or The LingMaster, or Eel Leonard was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1939 and raised in a house on Woodlawn, on No. Flores St., in San Antonio. He produced a prodigious onslaught of writing, drawing, painting, collages,and personal correspondence continuously funneled through the U.S. Mail from sometime in the 1970’s up until his death in Austin in 2013. His particular dark absurdist, always humorous, take on humanity’s lives and times terraformed the artistic sensibilities of a great many in the decades of his production.

He grew up in San Antonio, but moved away and lived in a number of places, Houston, Portland, Oregon, before returning to San Antonio from 1982-1992. Locally he was quiet, surfacing to make forays to the grocery store and Kinkos. He, his wife Patty, and their daughter, Stephanie, percolated along hunkered in their small bungalow on the edge of the 09’s. Blaster spent his time working day and night at the kitchen table producing volumes, literally piles, of work. The monthly postage budget was high. He moved to Baltimore in 1992 where he held court as a bookstore employee/poet/performer who became such an important gure in the undergroud art scene there that upon his death the city named a street after him.