Temporal Dichotomy

The Upstairs Studios

April 4, 2019 6:00 pm - April 4, 2019 8:30 pm

Make sure to visit Híjole SA to see Temporal Dichotomy, a series of works by San Antonio native Sara Barcus. For Hijole SA’s April show, Sara brings her current accumulation of works in this series and opens the theme to other local artists for their own interpretations.

This series began in 2016, as an investigation of the apparent split between the concepts of Growth and Deterioration and the idea of the word “Ruin”. Always fascinated by patterns, especially those that seem to lie just below the surface of our physical world, Sara began to notice that there were more similarities in the mechanisms and aesthetics of these two seemingly opposed directions of movement through time and began to look more deeply at the personal and societal perceptions of Construction and Destruction. The emotional evocation of viewing the ruins of great architectural achievements and past societies mingled with the idea of physical changes which occur from Humans weathering emotional “ruin”.

As a neurological condition has progressed in Sara’s life, so has the series. It has evolved and expanded to further explore the inherent and imposed meanings of the passage of time. Growth and Deterioration don’t exist as separate events; they travel together with us, intertwined, as our lives move forward. We break down structures built in past relationships so we can grow into better people, we use death and grief as a catalyst to change the lives of others; and, as our bodies and brains deteriorate against our will, we fight to build new architectures for those we love, engineer progress and growth in the world around us, and attempt to choreograph our movements so that we may (some day) leave lovely traces in the lives of others as visible as erosion patterns in the earth and stone.

Thursday, April 4: 6-830pm | Friday, April 5: 7-10pm | Sunday, April 7: 12-4pm