“Tender Foot” Artist Reception

Mockingbird Handprints

November 1, 2018 5:30 pm - November 1, 2018 7:30 pm

Tender Foot is a collective of 5 artists who paint together under guidance from Rainey in her studio House Paint.

Julia Sargent-“Being in nature is a time of quiet reflection for me, especially as the seasons change. When I translate my walks into oil paintings, I can linger in those meditative moments. The synergy of walking and painting makes me much more appreciative of colors, shapes, and shadows as they shift with the light. This series of nine paintings draws on a year of walks along the Cibolo River near my home.”

Elizabeth Harris-Works in pastels,in this series of three they all have clothes hanging on a line. “Sometimes a feeling of nostalgia as memories are recollected of grandmothers pinning clothes to a line to dry in the hot summer sun. Sometimes a voyeur, showing a glimpse of the private world of a neighbor. Sometimes the clothes dance on the line with the wind in a bizarre contorted rhythm. Sometimes the clothes compete with the sky and sometimes the clothes blend into the scenery. Sometimes the clothes seem human”

Linda Packman– “My work is influenced by the Les Nabis artists such as Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard. The Nabis believed style and color choices enabled them to express personality even in the most mundane. They created subjective art that was deep routed in the soul of the artist. Giorgio Morandi, although not a Nabis, is another favorite and influential artist. He created beautiful works of mundane objects by simplifying line, form and color. My goal is to go beyond representational expression to create work that the rudiments of painting escape the viewer.” Linda’s work is oil on panel.

Sandra Meadow Hollander– “My current painting practice explores landscape images through an autobiographical narrative at the nexus of solitude, ambiguity, longing, and memory. In the process I exalt declarative mark-making not to commemorate a specific site but as a personal meditation on the notion of landscape. The work is an elegy to transient and destructible beauty.

Donna Wright– “A favorite view captured, reimagined, and shared.” Donna’s art is oil on panel 16″x20″ each painting showing same scene but different time of year.

Dates: Nov. 1- Dec. 2, 2018,
Open : Thurs- Sunday 11-6 & by appointment
Artist Reception: Nov. 1st – 5:30-7:30 pm

Image:¬†Elizabeth Harris III neighbors’ clothes line