the darker and richer the hue

Flax Studio

June 10, 2017 6:00 pm - June 10, 2017 9:00 pm

Artist: Amada Claire Miller
Exhibition Title: the darker and richer the hue
Date & Time: 
Saturday, June 10th
‘the darker and richer the hue’ examines the coalition and dissociation between contemporary art and craft making by exploring and presenting fiber art as painting. By utilizing typical craft processes such as natural dyeing, sewing, and quilting these works are able to exist in both the fiber and painting realms and serve as a conversation between the two mediums. Each work is pieced together in a quilt-like fashion, creating abstract compositions that challenge the assumptions associated with fiber while further blurring the distinctions between craft and fine art.
Amada Claire Miller is an artist and designer working primarily in traditional styles of quilting and textile dyeing. Her art has been exhibited widely throughout Texas, including recent exhibitions at the McNay Art Museum, Capsule Gallery, the Palmetto Center for the Arts, Artpace, French & Michigan, Flight Gallery, Agora Gallery, and Blue Star Contemporary. She lives in San Antonio where she runs Hello Studio, a gallery and residency space.
Image details:
Amada Claire Miller
untitled (cochineal & madder), 2017
Cochineal and madder root dyed linen, thread