The King’s Coming Out: Anchovy Garden Party 2017

El Mirador

April 2, 2017 3:30 pm - April 2, 2017 6:30 pm

The Court of the Basket of Incorrigibles and our generous Host King Anchovy L Chris Hill, invite you to join our ever fresh Kings Anchovy past James Lifshutz, Wayne Beers and Michael Bobo, and Elaine Wolff in welcoming Jeffrey James, King Anchovy LII, to this most dispreputable of frasorities.

Food. Drink. Live music by King Pelican.

$25 donation (you can always give more) at the door, or via our Square site (see link below).

Medals and the new book from Dr. Amy Stone and Trinity University Press: Cornyation – San Antonio’s Outrageous Fiesta Tradition will be for sale (get your book signed by the author!)

This party is made possible by the generous support of El Mirador and The Esquire, and our unshakeable former Fauxalty: Charlie Gonzalez, Debra Guerrero, Henry Munoz, Jody & Steve Newman, Bart Nichols, Davis Sprinkle, and Steve Yndo.

All proceeds go to Fiesta Cornyation and the charities it supports.