The Real World Opening

December 7, 2017 6:30 pm - December 7, 2017 9:30 pm

MTV’s “Real World” is credited with launching the modern reality television shows that populate nearly every network today. The idea behind the trend was to extend a camera into every day lives and give us a glimpse into different people’s lives. However, the relationship between the media and the public led to shows that are all orchestrated and manipulated and the only real part is their names. The “different worlds” only achieved in perpetuating false realities and creating a society with barriers of prejudice between each group.


I began curating this show in the fall of 2013. I wanted to find artists who gave us real glimpses of different worlds from different points of view. I wanted these expressions to span materials and make the viewer question the artist’s thesis and well as their own biases.


Marriette Pathy Allen,  Malu with her parents and sister in front of her home, cien fuegos, TransCuba Archival ink jet print, 2013

I hope you find that “the Real World” show at Cinnabar offers a more factual representation of different worlds interacting.


 David Magnusson, Rose Smoak, Sixteen years & Randall Smoak. Dixie, LA, 2014,
       Archival Ink Jet, edition of 7,  number 2/7

In a world where everything from regular living to politics is manipulated by television ratings and reality shows,  I wanted to offer an exhibition where the art makes you challenge your own prejudices of wealth, poverty, gender bias, and religion.