Tiny Topography

FL!GHT Gallery

September 6, 2018 6:00 pm - September 7, 2018 9:00 pm

As a certified camera nerd born and raised in Space City, David Salinas can appreciate the latest in wiz-bang digital innovation, but he’s also an artist who came of age in the waning decades of the last century who loves his medium at its most painterly — untamed and unpredictable — when he can actually get his hands dirty. Naturally Salinas has become a Saint Anthony of vintage film, de-acquisitioned enlargers, Mad Max paper, and “day-old” developing chemicals whose photography is noted as much for its multifaceted process (weaving massive strips of paper in the dark or splashing bleach from a ladder) and DIY darkroom aesthetic as its striking imagery and mastery of composition.

Since moving to San Antonio three years ago, Salinas has expanded his ministry as a full-time evangelist for silver halide emulsion. His own art pieces are anti-instamatic testaments to the magic of discarded materials and devalued knowledge. And fellow photographers caught downtown low on provisions have even witnessed rolls of black-and-white miraculously sprinkle from the hands of this photographer’s photographer with the exuberance of Rip Taylor’s confetti.

Who but the “Johnny Appleseed of Analog Photography” would organize a group show by distributing film cameras and fistfuls of 35mm canisters to the participating individuals, process the subsequent negatives in his home studio, and then make contact sheets? The resulting “positives,” are hundreds of actual-size (tiny) prints (rather than enlargements) hand-selected by Salinas for an array of highly-affordable art intimately-viewed through magnifying glasses.

Opening: September 6 & 7 @ 6pm

This exhibition includes work by:
Corey Cannon
Steven Sumrail-Orsak
Nico Garza
Edna Sandoval
Trinity Greer
Anelle Spector
Rosa Brennan
Ed Saavedra
Nicholas Golden
Louie Preciado
Kat Swansey
Ed Templeton
Gavin Ricks
Amy Jasek
Adam Rodriguez
Billie Jean Poskey
Alex Barber
Kathy Vargas
Paul Metzgar
Joan Frederick
Laura Burlton
Joe Winston
Sol Macías
Antonia Padilla
Klare Perez
Joshua Perez
Anthony Dean-Harris
April Taylor
Jon Crooks
Kimberly Hopkins
Joe Luna
Rebecca Gonzalez
Erik Jon Gufstason
Rebecca Dietz
Theresa Escobedo
Maureen Penders
Warren Rivera
Elizabeth Ann
Josh Richards
Mark Greenberg
Rebecca Gonzalez
Bill Daniel
Vanessa Colon
Ron Jobo
Joe D. Garcia Jr.