W.S. Grimmitt’s “Flat Black Power Lines” Opening Reception

Creative Eye

August 6, 2021 6:00 pm - August 6, 2021 11:59 pm

Creative Eye is trilled to feature W.S. Grimmitt’s work for the month of August! His Solo Exhibition, “Flat Black Power Lines” will have an Opening Reception on First Friday, August 6th from 6pm-Midnight at Creative Eye in Studio 201 at The Upstairs Studios at Blue Star!
About The Exhibition:
Flat Black Power Lines is look into the power of form and color that represents the darker side of our existence. The idea of less is more is prevalent in the use of only five colors: Flat Black, Red, Green, Blue and White. The isolation of the pandemic has played a huge role in producing this imagery. W.S. pulls his language and direction from the dark corners of the conscious mind. He creates and illuminates these ideas through the neon conduit of power, memory and vessels of exceleration.
About The Artist:
W.S. Grimmitt is a local artist. After art school he began his art journey in the 80’s working in the music and club scene here in San Antonio. Working with bands on stage sets (mostly for the band Evil Mothers) and doing themed installations in clubs and venues he found a great interest in atmospheric installations. He is a Chef by trade and has worked on the East Coast and San
Antonio in restaurants and hotels for many years.
After multiple art shows, openings and events throughout the years he is now presenting his latest offerings of images and ideas on First Friday in August at Creative Eye Gallery.
Artist Statement:
As an Artist my struggle and my conflict lay in between the aspects of design and intuitive freedoms. Design being thought out before the hand hits the canvas, and intuitive freedom coming at the moment the hand hits the canvas. I often find myself in the middle of those two ideas, always looking to find the balance between them.
My work comes from a purely visual source. There are no preconceived notions, ideas or concepts. However, I have always been drawn to the language based on materials. The absence of a narrative in the beginning of my process leaves the work open to its own
interpretation, with the actual naming of a work the last step.
I consider myself a constructionist. This style began in the 1950’s by artist like Robert Rauschenberg. The term Combines was used to describe works that incorporated painting and sculpture within the same piece. My work is a modern version of that. A painted assemblage or relief work over a painting with mixed media of attachments and materials. As of late I have been adding illumination to my works by the way of neon tubes and cut vinyl on acrylic panels. My goal is to produce visual art that people can access and discern with their own literal interpretation.
Special Thanks To:
Karen Garanzuay (Creative Eye)
Ray Lynch
Rona Rougeheart
– W.S. Grimmitt
This month, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to The Children’s Shelter. We both hope that you can make it out!