February at Blue Star

Last week’s First Friday saw some incredible exhibition openings. Most continue throughout the month; dates, times and details are below!




February 2, 2017 – May 7, 2017: In celebration of BSC’s 30th birthday, their latest exhibition (opening today!) pays tribute to the one that started it all back in June of 1986, The Blue Star Exhibition. Selected artists were asked to respond to artwork from the original exhibition, given only the title and description details, and prompted to make a new work inspired by these details, without ever having seen the original work. Stop in to see their interesting take on the exhibition that was the inception of Blue Star Contemporary. Featured above: Jessica Halonen’s exhibition A Blue Hour (a clock stopped)



She has Options: Eden Collins  
Hello Studio is pleased to present She Has Options an exhibition of photography and video works by Eden Collins. Collins work is deeply engaged in the construction of gender, identity, and beauty within the contemporary world. Using her own body as a material, she creates drawings and performances that investigate hair and it’s importance to definitions of femininity.  Visit Hello Studio’s Facebook page here for upcoming events.




A Fool In Love – Valentine’s Reception: Victoria Suescum

February 14, 2017: Free tarot card readings & food by Chamoy City Limits. Cinnabar Gallery invites you to a fun Valentine’s evening art reception featuring the tarot-inspired paintings of Victoria Suescum. Enjoy delicious snacks and beverages and after your reading take home a work of art by Victoria Suescum that reminds you of the fun affair! [MORE INFO]




Pillow Talk 

Kimberly Aubuchon and Patty Ortiz are pleased to announce the opening of their exhibition, Pillow Talk at UTSA’s Terminal 136. This exhibition presents an installation by each artist that is inspired by the famous split screen scene premise from 1959 Doris Day/Rock Hudson screwball comedy by the same name.

For Pillow Talk, Aubuchon has created, Do You Feel?, a felt installation consisting of 60+ Emoji’s—the popular iPhone/Android ideograms, or smiley faces that we use to communicate and give emotion to an otherwise black and white text.

Ortiz’ installation is the fourth installment of her ongoing Work Won’t Kill You series. In keeping with the underlying premise of the Work Won’t Kill You concept, Ortiz pays employees to punch the clock, wear work uniforms and engage in structured labor that requires discipline but also demands imagination. [MORE INFO]



Ángel Rodriguez-Diaz: El Mero Chile / The Full Monthy

February 2 – March 3, 2017

Two shows of early works by Ángel Rodríguez-Díaz. El Mero Chile / The Full Monty showcases paintings of male subjects Rodríguez-Díaz created in New York from 1983 to 1992, and Nueva York – San Antonio is a show of recently discovered paintings by the artist. [MORE INFO]



February 3 – 14, 2017: A FUN show presented by Bob Gnarley and R. Tatum celebrating Black History Month. Make sure you stop by #103 for Showdown Gallery’s First Friday opening of The Black Show. [MORE INFO]





Haus Collective’s exhibition acts as kind of a pause to further investigate and reflect upon Hyland’s own personal history and material culture, featuring the tools and tales which shape her every day, quite literally ushering you into a corned of her home. [MORE INFO]