Finding Her Purpose

As heavyweight fighter Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. Now, professional creative Karen G. Rios was not punched in the mouth, however, she did happen upon situations that caused her to shift gears and change direction. Currently residing in San Antonio, her talents are many. Dance, retail management, photography, art, design, journalism, visual merchandising, and digital marketing are all words you’ll find on her resume under ‘previous work experience’. Ever heard of Betsey Johnson? She was her personal assistant. Curious about what it’s like to play multiple instruments in a two-person band? Ask Karen. Wonder how loud the crowd is when you’re dancing on the field at the Superbowl? She knows first hand. Are the Kings of Leon fun to photograph? She can tell you.



Karen is persistent, resilient, creative, and a firm believer of trusting your gut. An explorer, she dives into opportunities that interest her with an open mind and willingness to learn. She also knows when to pull out of situations that are no longer going to serve her. On multiple occasions her intuition has told her to switch paths, sometimes without an obvious reason. She would listen and upon looking back, would find that position or path no longer existed. Other times she’s had to leave a position she loved, a tough decision that some might not have made, and had a fantastic, unexpected door open. Sticking to her values and choosing things that feel right over doing what others think she should do have filled her with invaluable experiences that make her the strong, business-minded creative that she is today.


“I ask for it, I work for it, I believe it, and I work on it every day.”


It’s not to say that Karen hasn’t come up against challenges. Not having the funds to move to costly New York City has discouraged many. Not Karen. She would host parties, booking her friend’s bands, serving up BBQ, and charging an entry fee. Guess where that entry fee went? She also didn’t have the fashion design experience critics would say she needed to get an internship with Betsey Johnson, but her gut feeling told her she’d get to work with her so she went ahead and applied, and got denied. So she applied again, and got denied. You know that saying “third time’s a charm”? Well, it was in this case. She worked hard, stuck with it and it paid off. A big believer in stating what you want, she also visualizes it. Two things that any goal coach will likely tell you to do, she’s done it as long as she can remember, and it’s rare that it hasn’t worked out. For example, standing in line for a Kings of Leon show, she saw them being photographed and said “I am going to photograph them one day and I’m going to be paid to do it”. You’ve probably caught on by now, yes, she did indeed get to photograph the Kings of Leon and sure enough, she was paid to do it.


Today Karen is the Owner and Creative Designer of Pointe & Chute, one half of the brains behind Creative Creatures and the Digital Marketing Director and Gallery and Shop Assistant for Showdown and Choice Goods Gallery at Blue Star Arts Complex. She spots opportunities and takes it upon herself to find solutions for them. For example, Creative Creatures, founded with her husband, hosts events where all forms of art are showcased in one space. Inclusive and flexible, they are a one-stop-shop for having your creative cravings filled and they are always packed with eager attendees. Photography and writing are her passion and she’s always dabbled in both on the side. Her work was on display at Black Moon Gallery this past First Friday at Blue Star, a hint that more of her visual skills will be on display in the future? Perhaps. Keep your eye on Karen via her Instagram @pointeandchute, her website, through Creative Creatures or stop in at Choice Goods at Blue Star to meet her in person!



[In partnership with The Social Agency ]

Photography: Ryan & Isabella of Humphries Photography