Flight Camp

It’s time once again for Flight Camp! This weekend gathering for artists and makers of all types, is taking place March 29th-31st.

FL!GHT Camp is a chance for our extended family of artists, makers, and friends to come together over a great weekend, and camp/cook/perform/eat/drink/dance and play in a safe environment on a fabulous wooded in-town property nearby the old Hot Wells Hotel Ruins.

The Concept of FL!GHT Camp involves programming not only coordinated by Camp Management but also by the campers themselves. Everyone is asked to “participate” in some way that makes the most sense for them and their interests.

Participants can expect an intimate, creative weekend filled with community chef-prepared dinners, live music and DJ’s, riverside bike rides, live art displays and interactive activities, and so much more!!

This weekend is sure to unleash your creative energy, and bond you with like-minded friends. Get further details, and find out how to book your camp site, here.