Heaven’s Trash at Flight Gallery

Opening on Thursday, January 31st at Flight Gallery, Heaven’s Trash. This exhibition, featuring the works of two Texas artists, will feature painting and mixed media to foster rich and colorful notions of the wearisome characteristics of eternal heaven.




About San Antonio artist Pat Kay
“My work explores day-to-day interactions with another person. I capture the mundane and typically lonesome aspects of sharing a space or environment with someone. Using colorful but content facial expressions I try to embody the emotions of people’s habitual routines together.”


About Houston artist Jordan Clough
“Jordan Clough is an artist and tattooer based in Houston, Texas. She recently graduated with a BFA in studio art from Texas State University in San Marcos and works in painting, sculpture, and textiles. She is the current resident muralist at Clamplight Studio in San Antonio and has shown her work across Texas.”