June at Blue Star

First Friday Is Almost Here.


Grab a pint (at Stella Public House or Blue Star Brewing Co.) and have a read through June’s happenings at Blue Star Arts Complex.



Blue Star Contemporary is launching 3 new exhibits! Opening date: June 1, 2017.

“Augmented Reality”
Featuring Susi Brister, Kris Pierce, Randy Bolton, Frank Benson, Nancy de Holl, and Yoonmi Nam.

This exhibition is a critical look at digital escapism and current control techniques of our ongoing spectacular society. Through a variety of perspectives, we explore the filters we apply to our “real” world and ones applied for us. The selected works examine desire, status, the currency of perceived experience, histories of illusions as inherent to nature and human interest, and the debris of a day to day life specifically lives mediated and lived through screens.


“Echo and Narcissus”
Featuring Chris Sauter

A 2014-2015 Blue Star Contemporary Berlin Resident, Chris Sauter’s new exhibition “Echo and Narcissus” is inspired by his time in Berlin and current events. While in Berlin, Sauter took interest in the posters wheat pasted along the city’s streets. He made three-dimensional loudspeakers out of layers of the posters and re-sited them how they were found. Discussing the dissemination and receiving of information and role of language in the era of alternative facts, Sauter’s exhibition will feature new loudspeaker reliefs and other sculptures whose forms are familiar to us as methods of communication.


Featuring Marcus Haydock

In this exhibition, Haydock attempts to explore the human condition and our relationship to images from a psychological perspective. “…My work acts as a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious mind, and this bridge leads to a deeper understanding of my purpose and my place in the world.”
-Marcus Haydock

Find out more about visiting Blue Star Contemporary here.



Justin Korver is hosting a solos show on June 1 & 2 at Hello Studio. His interests lie in modernism, materials, and masculinity. Within the exhibition, he is examining the interaction of painterly surfaces and tools. Visit the event page here.



Stella Public House is has a tap takeover and giveaway by SweetWater Brewing Company on Friday, June 2, 2017. Check it out before/during/after gallery hopping.


On June 22,2017, Stella Public House is hosting a mead dinner with Meridian Hive Meadery. Contact Stella for details!


Sculpture by Mark T. Hansen. 📸: @ryanhumphr


The Minimalist Show with Mark T. Hansen, Blaine Matera and more is what you’ll find at Showdown Gallery. The Soft Opening is on Thursday, June 1st from 6-9pm and First Friday’s Grand Opening is on June 2nd from 6-11pm.



Referendum – a group exhibition coordinated by Tommy Gregory

Exhibition dates: June 1 – July 2, 2017

@Flight Gallery


What is the responsibility of art and artists in a fractured, fraught, and potentially dangerous political climate? This question has been asked and answered in different ways throughout history. The only constant is a pervasive fear of art by those who would oppress. (Ironically, they understand almost better than we do the power of art.) This is why it’s the first thing dismantled, smashed, or ridiculed by an oppressive regime. One can imagine a pile of icons and temples, books and paintings destroyed and incinerated as a ghostly tower of babel- the repository of culture and knowledge vanished, rendered impotent. The artists in this exhibition have decided, whether overtly in their work, or through their continuing presence as a force for the enlightened, to actively work against political oppression. Each works in their own way to further the cause of curiosity and exploration that iconoclasts would seek to banish. Through art and political action, they meet the responsibility of artists as activists.


Featured artists:
Nick Barbee, Ed Blackburn, Jimmy Castillo, Kristen Cleburne, K.C. Collins, Casey Arguelles Gregory, Tommy Gregory, Mat Kubo, Aaron Munoz, Brendan O’Connell, Kyle Olson, Howard Sherman, Kelli Vance, George Zupp


Writing by Casey Arguelles Gregory



Lisa Choinacky & Thomas Choinacky


June 1 – 17, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 1, 6 – 9pm
Terminal 136 is also open for First Friday, June 2, 6 – 9pm


A performance by Thomas will take place on Thursday and Friday of the opening, in the covered area in front of the gallery at 8pm.


EQUILIBRIA is a reflective and meditational space. Manifesting space over time, the exhibition traces through past, present, and future. Lines throughout the space diverge and unite-there maintaining a balance and equity.  Through these pathways there is an overlap of both the domestic and public with the individual and collective. All together weaving abstraction, structural studies, symmetry.  EQUILIBRIA is a guide and opportunity for self-reflection.


Siblings, Lisa and Thomas Choinacky meld their current work practice in EQUILIBRIA. Lisa’s current work focuses on symmetry and parallels. Repeating brush strokes like mantra.  Thomas’ current practice finds the relationship between the body, movement, and architecture. He creates spatial experiences.


Noted self-taught artist Paco Felici returns for his second exhibit at Mockingbird Handprints, now through July 2, 2017.


Active as an artist for almost 20 years, Felici quickly rose to prominence among stateside and European collectors. His colorful and instantly-recognizable works straddle the lines of folk art traditions and the modern influences of mass marketing–strongly reflecting the artist’s unusual, varied and well-traveled background.


Born in Brazil in 1970 to Italian parents, Felici’s childhood was spent growing up in Latin America, Canada, Europe and North Africa before his family settled in the Dallas area in the mid 1980’s. The artist is not only fluent in four languages, but also easily navigates the sensibilities, literature and iconography of the different cultures in which he’s been immersed. 


New works created for the show at Mockingbird also include large scale paintings from his series “versus,” including “Cops and Robbers” and Cowboys and Indians.” 


His works are also informed by an academic career in literature which gave way to a 20-plus-year career in public policy, marketing and public relations as he made his home in Austin, Texas. His former bosses include now-Governor Greg Abbott and U.S. Senator John Cornyn–whom for years Felici advised, as each man served as the state’s attorney general, on an array of initiatives to better serve Texas’ growing Hispanic and immigrant communities. 


Since 2008 Felici has made his home in the Alamo City–keeping his day job as a communications executive while continuing his evolution as an artist.


His prolific body of work and unique vantage point as an artist have been widely chronicled in the press, including the Dallas Morning News, Austin American-Statesman, Telemundo and Austin Chronicle, among others. He has also executed the artwork for several advertising campaigns, seven music album covers (all for Dallas-based singer/songwriter Faris Nourallah) and a cover and illustrations for a literary anthology (Humor Me:  An Anthology of Humor by Writers of Color; University of Iowa Press, 2001).



Off-site but still in June, is Amada Claire Miller’s ‘the darker and richer the hue’


Where: Flax Studio

Date & Time: Saturday, June 10th 6-9pm


‘the darker and richer the hue’ examines the coalition and dissociation between contemporary art and craft making by exploring and presenting fiber art as painting. By utilizing typical craft processes such as natural dyeing, sewing, and quilting these works are able to exist in both the fiber and painting realms and serve as a conversation between the two mediums. Each work is pieced together in a quilt-like fashion, creating abstract compositions that challenge the assumptions associated with fiber while further blurring the distinctions between craft and fine art.

Amada Claire Miller is an artist and designer working primarily in traditional styles of quilting and textile dyeing. Her art has been exhibited widely throughout Texas, including recent exhibitions at the McNay Art Museum, Capsule Gallery, the Palmetto Center for the Arts, Artpace, French & Michigan, Flight Gallery, Agora Gallery, and Blue Star Contemporary. She lives in San Antonio where she runs Hello Studio, a gallery and residency space.


Image details:
Amada Claire Miller
untitled (cochineal & madder), 2017
Cochineal and madder root dyed linen, thread