Meet Joe Turner, Blue Star Resident, Photographer


We don’t know about you but we love a good Q & A. Quick, bite-sized interviews you can read anywhere, anytime, easily picking up where you left off if you get interrupted. With such a strong affection for them, it only seemed natural to create posts with such great selling features for our beloved Blue Star readers. Welcome to the first of many Q & A posts. We’ll be sprinkling them into the Blue Star blog, featuring artists, makers, residents, chef’s, musicians … the list goes on. If you’re interested in being featured, please don’t hesitate to contact us and share your story.



While hanging out at the various galleries, eateries and pathways in and around the complex, we keep bumping into Joe Turner, one of Blue Star’s residents. Every time we see him he’s got his camera in hand and photos from his latest shoot to share with us. A photographer, it’s fitting that he story tells through images. Preserving pieces of history is the name of his game and he has heaps of grateful clients. We’re always thrilled to see him and hear about his latest project, one of which is Stadcast, read through our Q & A with Joe below for more on that and his favorite things about Blue Star Arts Complex!


Q: You live at an “arts complex”, tell us, what is your favorite form of art?

A: I love photography of course, because that’s what I do/practice, but I also love viewing other artist’s paintings.


Q: What is your favorite thing about BSAC?

A: My favorite thing at Blue Star would have to be the new Blue Star Provisions grocery store. It’s very convenient for me as a resident and has a lot to offer. They have a little bit of everything, cigars, fresh tortillas, homemade sandwiches. I love going in and discovering something new.


Q: You are born and raised in San Antonio, what led to your decision to live at Blue Star?

A: Blue Star is an active environment, what some would call an urban experience. It’s a very enjoyable place to live at. Being able to have everything you need within 50 yrds or no more than 1-2 miles away. It’s a great time and great place to bring my clients for photography as well.


Q: What inspires your photography?

A: I think the most inspiring thing about photography or any art for that matter is that it is just that, its art. Also it’s a great feeling knowing that my art will around for 20 years and long after I’m gone. Its very motivating to know that after I’m gone a piece of me will be left behind for anybody to view.


Q: What are some things you hope to achieve through photography and in life in the coming years?

A: I hope one day I can travel and take amazing pictures of the world. Hopefully I’ll have the funds, or get the funds to be able to do that. I would love to publish a photography book one day as well. That would be fun. I’m a recent graduate from Texas A&M San Antonio, I received a bachelors in Communications. As I work in that field, I plan to advance my photography with my extra time. I started a podcast. STADCastSA, which stands for Southtown The Arts District. We are a talk show that branches off of I discuss art, music, food and more with my co-host Burgundy Woods. Check it out.


Interested in seeing more of Joe’s work? Scroll through his photos on his Joe Turner Photography Facebook page here.


You can also find him on Instagram @jtp210 and on Twitter @joeturner210


Listen to STADCastSA on Soundcloud here and follow them at @STADCastSA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.