Portraits of Mike Casey Art Exhibition!

In celebration of Mike Casey’s 80th birthday, more than 25 artists created portraits of this visionary (and well-dressed) man. The work will be on display June 26th (6-9pm), July 1st (6-9pm) and by appointment at 134 Blue Star. The June 26th plan is that Mike will join us and Laurel Bodinus will play music from Mike’s own record collection.

Featured Artists: Stuart Allen, Oscar Alvarado, Ricky Armendariz, Kimberly Aubuchon, Eric Avery, Andy Benevides, Jose Chapa, Joey Fauerso, Joan Frederick, David Anthony Garcia, Laura Gonima, Jacinto Guevara, Mark Hogensen, Karen Mahafey, Cruz Ortiz, Justin Parr, AJ Rodriguez, Rubio, Ramin Samandari, Ansen Seale, Ethel Shipton, Gary Sweeney, Jeremiah Teutsch, Kathleen Trenchard, Anne Wallace, Jennifer Wallace, Jeff Wheeler and Leroy Winter.

If you’re interested in making an appointment to view the exhibition, please call (210) 212-9373.