Q&A with Albert Gonzales

This week on Blue Star Blog, we’re chatting with local San Antonio artist, Albert Gonzales. Albert is perhaps best known for his colorful and bold, abstract flower paintings, one of which, was recently featured in Blue Star Contemporary’s Red Dot Art Sale.

Intrigued by his bright, eye-catching works, we wanted to get to know a little more about him.



You have a very distinct, and well-known, style of art. How do you describe it?

Wabi Sabi is about embracing the imperfections in life. Each flower that I paint isn’t anatomically correct, I use that as a symbol that as individuals we all have our imperfections and insecurities. The water is a symbol of life and even though the vase is on a flat surface the water is always moving rapidly. That’s because we can’t control what happens in life. If we are able to learn from the ups and downs we face in life, those experiences will help us grow into the people we want to become. I also use very bold colors to encourage the viewer to look past the abstract and imperfect when they first interact with the painting and to embrace it for what its meant to be.



What’s the largest driving factor that inspires you to create?

Back when I first started to pursue my art career I had some pretty vivid dreams of things I could accomplish in life if I continued to work hard. I’m really trying to make those dreams a reality. I’m able to do so with artistic expression of life, and that’s the beautiful part of all these experiences. The ability to share my story in hopes of inspiring someone else to chase their dreams, that’s another driving factor for me as well.



What’s one artistic accomplishment that you’re most proud of?

This year I have been able to exhibit in Blue Star Contemporary and Centro De Artes. Three years ago I had set goals that someday I would exhibit in those galleries, this year I have been able to achieve those goals.



If you could no longer paint, what would you do/be?

I would love to make short films and also start a non-profit. I would like to plan on doing both of these in the future. For now just taking baby steps towards these goals.



And something we ask all our featured guests…

Why do you think places like Blue Star are so important for local creative communities?

It’s a hub for all types of artists. A place where not just artists can become inspired, but where people can visit to experience someone else’s point of view on the world. I believe every city should have a place like Blue Star.


To keep up with Albert and all his new works of art, and where to find them, make sure to follow him on Instagram.