Q&A with Burgundy Woods

This week on Blue Star Blog, we’re diving into a Q&A session with Burgundy Woods. This powerhouse of a woman, serves as one of the driving forces, and biggest supporters of, Southtown, home to Blue Star.



1. Explain to us what the umbrella of “Southtown” is, and the work that you do for the community. 

Umbrella is the perfect word to describe what the brand is. There are five neighborhoods that Southtown The Arts District nurtures and supports under its umbrella: Lone Star, King William, Lavaca, Collins Garden and Roosevelt. Two of these neighborhoods are so strong in community culture that they are districts onto themselves: King Willam and Lone Star (which is where Southtown Headquarters is). Southtown The Arts District’s main service is to bring awareness to the businesses, schools, culinary scene, bar scene, and yes, of course, the arts and art culture of these five neighborhoods. I personally have been hired by Southtown to bring my skills and experience from Hollywood, California to expand the brand to include modern media. Through my help on the advisory board, Southtown The Arts District now has a stronger online presence and a podcast/modern media presence with STADcastSA. Being that these neighborhoods are the founding communities for San Antonio’s art scene, it is very important to keep information about these wonderful areas accessible to the world.



2. What draws you to Southtown? 

Well I grew up on the Southside of San Antonio on the cusp of what is now Southtown The Arts District. So when I had to come home from Hollywood, California four years ago, I was absolutely blown away by all the growth and progress that the area had accomplished. Southtown was (and still is) the only thing that remotely reminds me of the subcultures and neighborhoods that helped my career (and personal life) thrive in L.A. People are extremely restless in a great way. They are insanely creative and ready to collaborate, there is always something going on (on any given night), and there is still signs of chic growth. Seeing as Southtown is the epicenter for the founding art scene in the city, having my business here and living on the cusp of it just makes sense and keeps life exciting.



3. You’re a woman of many talents, and can be found lending your skills in a variety of fields (fashion, media, tech…). Tell us about some of the work that you do. 

Well I began my career in 2004 in Hollywood, California working for all the best and most famous record labels in the world. Absorbing professional skills from world influencers in multiple facets, I was able to pick up on knowledge that those outside of this influence might not have. It was very unique, I use everything I learned from this rare opportunity to this very day, both with Style Lush TV and STADcastSA/Southtown The Arts District. Later as I gained my second degree in Fashion Design & Trend Forecasting, I become part of the founding community that invented Online Media as an Industry. That lead to my first on-camera gig with MySpace in beverly Hills working as their Online Fashion Forecaster and Producer. I lead the fashion & shopping channel. My official title was Fashion Curator. This experience has lead me to do online television for a living. I have now been in online television full-time, for seven years. This industry (Online Television) is a very special blend of producing online video content, news and traditional communications. The goal always being, Bring Awareness.

Three years ago when I brought my company to San Antonio, I rebranded it as Style Lush TV and continued exactly what I was doing for the Hollywood and Global market, only, I soon realized from our analytics that we needed to get hyper local. Style Lush TV strives to Bring Awareness about the San Antonio’s fashion community, its positive accomplishments and fashionable things to do around town while also offering a sneak peek at the high fashion runway trends. When my company was invited to move into Southtown Headquarters, it was just a natural extension of my personality and brand to create something cool for Southtown The Arts District. Being that Style Lush TV is my full time job, I had to come up with something that was much faster and easier to produce than online television, but still, be just as affective. Podcasting was the answer. As I mentioned above, I started in the music industry and studied audio engineering there, as well as in London, so I honed those skills to invent STADcastSA. We host interesting people in the creative community and strive to bring awareness about Southtown, its art scene, its events, its businesses and of course the city of San Antonio in general. It is meant for a global audience but of course, we have many San Antonio listeners who love to know where to go and what to do in Southtown. It can be heard for free at Soundcloud.com/STADcastSA. You can also find STADcastSA on the official Southtown website at SouthtownSATX.Com.



I’m also on the Advisory Board for Southtown, with my main job being Modern Media Director to continually keep Southtown modern in its online and media approach. STADcastSA and Southtown The Arts District work together as a team to continue the strong social media presnce it has now, and grow Southtown The Arts District Festival which again, supports and promotes all the creative, business, educational and art entities of Southtown The Arts District. Quite a long answer for this one I know, but, my unique past is really the reason why I am able to shift into multiple fields so fluidly. If I really had to break down what I do for a living though, really break it down… I celebrate others. Yes, I celebrate others for a living.

4. What’s your favorite creative way to express yourself? 

That’s tough because I go through a lot of emotional phases and I have developed many different interests. Sometimes, I sew. Sometimes I make music. Sometimes its all Style Lush TV content feeding my creative outlet, Most of the time though, I have to say I use digital media. Anything that is visual and computer-centric. I did a whole series of digital tiles in 2016 on my Instagram (which can be found using the hashtag #BurgsDigitalTiles). They were therapeutic expressions of my lingering pain from past trauma and exploring the realm of 15 seconds (What instagram used to give you for video). I’d film or photograph myself, sometimes use a different subject to represent me, superimpose different layers using photoshop or my video editing software, I’d pick a song that depicted exactly what I was feeling at the time (Sometimes having to create my own 15 second version of the song in pro tools.) and see if I could compact my current emotion into a 15 second representation. They worked for me. I’d always feel some sort of therapeutic release when I’d finish them. I never thought they were really worthy of a platform beyond Instagram, but then someone in Southtown asked if I’d be interested in showing my Digital Tiles in an art gallery setting, as an actual exhibit, projections, headphones etc… I was floored! I still haven’t said yes to that, but I may change my mind. And that folks, is yet another reason I love Southtown. Others see things in your work that you might now see yourself, thus opening new doors to creativity and self awareness. I love being mentally stimulated. I’m stimulated in Southtown all the time.

5. Why do you think places like Blue Star are so important for local creative communities? 

Ugh! Where do I start? Blue Star is absolutely essential! A major star player. I love it. It is the anchor for art in Southtown and I say that all the time on my podcast. I believe that its a great representation of the spirit of Southtown. When tourists come to town, I always tell them, “Start at Blue Star and then make your way around Southtown The Arts District.” I love the people, staff, businesses, culinary cuisine and bar scene. Places like this are extremely important for the local creative community because it houses and supports not just art culture, but the curators and creative community that produce art, art experiences and art education. It is always nice to have that “one-stop-shop” kind of a place where people can take part in the areas culture. 1906 S. Flores Warehouse is also similar in this way. Their Second Saturday Artwalk has created a beautiful opportunity for the community around it. Every Second Saturday of the month, the entire area around 1906 Warehouse comes to life, and people from all over the world come to see and experience art. Lone Star and Collins Garden are the main participants in this Artwalk and we definitely have a community culture that is uniquely our own. Its a beautiful thing to celebrate that once a month with the galleries around us and of course, the global visitors that frequent there. Being that we are so close to Blue Star, we always direct traffic in that direction after Second Saturday. Come 10pm, people say, “Wow, this was such a cool artwork. Where should we go now?” Our answer, “You have to go check out Blue Star!”