Q&A with Carla Yeatts

This week on Blue Star Blog, we’re heading into the world of folklore and fantasy as we get up close and personal with the work of Carla Yeatts.

Your creations are stunning; so life-like and full of details! Give us some insight into your creative processes and materials used. 
I create both original and homage monster sculptures and art dolls. All of my pieces are hand sculpted and one of a kind mixed-media clayworks. I work mostly with polymer clay and acrylic paint. I usually start a project by going through my stockpile of lists and reference material I’ve saved over the years. This includes all kinds of monsters, creatures and oddities from art, horror and dark fantasy films, folklore, literature, nature, and also animal & human anatomy & color references. I particularly love the horror and dark fantasy genres, and my biggest influences come from the world of special effects.
My brain works best in 3d and I don’t have much drawing ability (or patience for it), so I usually only do a rough armature proportion/guideline sketch before I start. I like having a general idea of what I want the piece to become, but I stay open and let the sculpture tell me what features and personality it wants to have. I always start with the face/head sculpt first, and then bake and work in stages, then hands, body, etc. It’s a process of many steps over days, weeks and sometimes, months.

I combine many visual ideas and features together during the process and let the creature be born that wants to be born. I stay open and really just let the art manifest into what feels right. In this way, I feel more like a conduit for my creatures. Its not about me, its about them. Many people have told me that they can see the love and attention that goes into my creations and they feel a lot of personality radiating from them. Im glad to hear that this comes through and since I have such a deep love, appreciation for, and connection to “monsters” and “unusual creatures” it’s exciting to know that it’s getting expressed. And I’m happy to show them in a more lovable and relatable light.

How long have you been sculpting?  

I started sculpting in 2016 under the guidance of Jerry Gergely, while attending the Tom Savini Special Makeup Effects program. I attended this school initially for a planned career change and to get into the sfx business. I immediately fell in love with making creature maquettes (small scale figures) and realized I really had the knack for sculpting. When I graduated the program in 2017, with the encouragement and support of my wonderful life partner, I decided to pursue creating my own art as an independent maker full time.

How can someone grab a custom piece from you?
I currently have sculptures and portrait prints from my solo show “Wicked Whimsy” displayed in Choice Goods Gallery inside the Blue Star Arts Complex. I also will be bringing all new 2019 works to events coming up this year including Oddities and Curiosities Expo Austin in August, and Monster Con in San Antonio this September. Besides at a few selected events during the year, you can purchase my latest pieces from me directly. I usually open my commissions in December and am able to take on a few special custom jobs during the winter months for clients. I have a “Collectors Mailing list” where people can get the latest info about new artwork releases prior to social media posts. They can sign up here.

I’m most active on Instagram and that’s the best place to keep up with what I’m currently doing. You can also visit my website, or my facebook

And something we ask all our featured artists….

Why do you think places like Blue Star are important for local creative communities?

Places like Blue Star are so important because they foster excitement and interest in the creative arts, not just for the artists and collectors but amongst the community as a whole. They give people from all walks of life (and all ages!) a chance to discover, meet, mingle, be inspired and be educated. Places like Blue Star serve as an important foundation and home base for creatives to come together, discuss, and support one another. Fostering this collective energy of creation is a beautiful and vital thing, especially for the Indie art scene for furthering appreciation, growth and success.  I am proof of this, in that in just 2 years of me being in the area and attending/showing at a few events at the Blue Star, it has helped me make great connections, both in business and personally that I’m very thankful for.