Q&A with Connie Chapa

We love getting to know local artists through our Q&A feature sessions. This week we’ve highlighting current Blue Star exhibiting artist, Connie Chapa.

Your work has a classic pin-up style vibe to it. What inspires you about this genre of art? 

For as long as I can remember  I’ve always been intrigued with erotica, and pin up culture. Getting most of my inspiration through Eric Stanton, Alberto Vargas, Gil Elvgren, and lowbrow art. This type of artwork was very strong, sultry and alluring to me. I believe I take part of that inspiration in my artwork, and create a story for my female figures expressing elements of erotic sensuality in my artwork.

What mediums do you work in (painting, sculpting, mixed media, etc…) 

I normally work with acrylics, but I do like to dabble with inks, and at times experiment with polymer clay.

Give us a little bit of background on how you got started and how long you’ve been a working artist. 

I started off making refrigerator art since I was a lil babe. But about three years ago I decided to shoot for gallery walls, and have been exhibitions around San Antonio, TX. I never really had much of an educational background with art. Back in school the only electives I had ever taken were yearbook, journalism, Mexican American studies, and theatre. In college my major was optometry but early in my freshman year I decided to switch to an Art Major, only taking about two semesters and while I did learn the history and the basics I took that knowledge and have been practicing and working on my paintings, stilling learning to grow in my artwork.

Do you do custom portrait style work? 

I do! I’m currently closed for commission work as I’ve been working on my next exhibitions for  the rest of 2019.

Where can your work currently be seen/bought? 

I currently have my artwork featured up at Choice Goods Gallery located in the Blue Star Art Complex for “Boudoir” a grouped solo show with my good friends Rebecca and Jackie Gonzalez (The Wednesdays) and Genevieve. But year long I have my artwork available at GGs Emporium, and Hello Tallulah.

And something we ask all our featured artists…

Why do you think places like Blue Star are important for local creative communities? 

Places like Blue Star and Southtown are great hubs to meet other creatives, and offers opportunities for upcoming artist who are wanting to grow in the art community to showcase and grow in the art scene. I’ve been showcasing in Blue Star and other galleries in and outside of the area for about three years now and have made many friendships with fellow creatives, and gained a sense of family in the San Antonio art scene.