Q&A with Drea Quinones


We love interviewing, spotlighting, and sharing about local artist, on Blue Star Blog. This week we’re chatting with Drea Quinones whose work can currently be seen on display at Hijole SA, right here at the Blue Star Arts Complex.

Let’s dive right in!


Describe to us your style of art, and preferred materials for creating.

I’ve had my art described as contemporary, and I’d describe it as narrative illustrations – art that tells a story or captures a scene. I love seeing art that makes me wonder, art that fuels my imagination and allows me to witness something unreal. There’s nothing more satisfying than someone who can analyze my work and respond with a feeling.

For ink tools I favorite Micron pens, Faber Castell brush pens and Copic markers. I’ve also recently purchased some metallic Pentel markers which has been a blast using for details, and Uni Posca paint markers. I like markers.

For digital work I use Photoshop CS6, a Wacom Intuos tablet, and a lot of patience.


Who’s been a role model for you that’s inspired your work?

My mom essentially does whatever she wants. She goes to work and does CFO things, then comes home and makes a bracelet for fun and puts up a necklace for $300 and it sells, then makes huge abstract paintings, using all sorts of techniques to make it look amazing.

She does all this and still has time to put her feet up. Can’t think of a better role model!


Where do you/have you had your art displayed?

I began showcasing and selling my art at Brick at the Blue Star Arts Complex as early as mid November of this year. At the time of this post my contribution to Hijole SA Gallery’s “Die Hard-themed Christmas Art Show” is still up and available to check out!

My art career is still very young, but with the incredible support of my family, friends and other amazing local artists I know I’ll continue creating for the busy years to come.



Do you do custom pieces? And how can someone purchase your work?

I offer commission work, prints, and originals on my website (best source)!


To contact me directly, email me at: faorieart@gmail.com


And something we ask all our features artists….
Why do you think places like Blue Star are important for local creative communities?

Support and variety are two important details of my experience at Blue Star. San Antonio has always been known to celebrate its heritage and history, and now while artists from all walks of life come forth to further enrich our culture Blue Star stands as one of the largest advocates to those who offer creative expression and influence.



Artist Bio:

SATX born and raised, Drea “Faörie” Quiñones is a Mexican American artist in love with story telling, world building, and comic style illustrations. Her artistic pursuits began at age four when she’d use basic geometric shapes to represent people and environments. Now, 20 years later, she continues to adopt and adapt new techniques to better suit her work both traditionally and digitally.