Q&A With Joaquin Abrego

This week on Blue Star Blog, we’re heading into a Q&A session with local artist, Joaquin Abrego. You’ve seen his work around The Complex at Brick‘s Sunday Arts Market, and at Mockingbird Handprints. Now get to know the man behind the colorful, pop-culture art.

Tell us about your style of art, and preferred ways to create.

Pop art mixed with arts and crafts is the best way to describe my art style. Lately, I have been focused on using spray paints, stencils, glitter, rhinestones and some acrylic. It is important that my pieces be fun, colorful, light hearted and humorous.

When did you know that you wanted to become an artist?

I have always had creative inclinations, which is why I became an interior designer and for years art had been more of a hobby. I only started focusing on my technique and content two years ago, so I am fairly new to the local art scene.

Who/what most inspires your work? 

Pop culture, strong women and queer/ drag culture would be my biggest sources of inspiration. Interior design, fabrics, patterns, textures and color combinations would also be significant sources of inspiration.  Come to think of it, the color pink, has been a source of inspiration. It is one of my favorite colors to use and I try to use it as much as I can.  

How can someone order a custom piece from you?

People can purchase my works by contacting me directly on Instagram or going to my website www.joaquinabrego.com.

And something we ask all our featured artists….

Why do you think places like blue star are important for local creative communities? 

Places like Bluestar are important because they give people an opportunity to easily network with established and aspiring artists as well as gallery and shop owners. They give new artist like me, encouragement and inspiration as well as a platform to share our work and voice. Places like the Brick Market and Mockingbird Handprints are extremely supportive and nurturing of new talent. So, I can’t imagine not having a place like this in our community because it is a fundamental element in the development and appreciation of local art and artists. 


JEducation: B.S. Interior Design, B.A. Psychology, M.A. Counseling

Joaquin Abrego is a professional licensed interior designer with a green thumb who dabbles in arts & crafts and has an affinity for all things pop.  He is currently employed at the award-winning architecture firm of Munoz and Co and during his free time, focuses on his art, e-designs and residential portfolio. Joaquin is a self-taught artist with a focus on developing his stenciling and spray-painting skills. His works are best known for their use of color, sense of humor and light heartedness. You can follow him on Instagram @joaquin_abrego0 or check out his site www.joaquinabrego.com for updates on his designs and art work.