Q&A with Local Photographer & Graphic Artist, Freddy Camargo

1. Besides being a Photographer, you’re also a Graphic Artist, explain to us what that means. 
– I admire illustrating in Vector which I learned while living in California.  Vector art allows me to craft visual compositions in typography (some which I draw first in watercolor), illustrations and other designs for print or digital.   I tend to mix my photography with other medias this includes graphic art and tangible such as charcoal or pastel.  I had always been drawing since middle school, high school was commercial art, all of that sort of went to sleep. I guess the sleeper awoke and with it decided to embrace several mediums.



2. Do you prefer one of those art forms to the other?   
– That’s tough – I like them both and many other mediums like acrylic and oil, at times with out the other I would not be able to get to where my art is.  The question is if I am curious enough to use them both on a composition.  Personally at times its spontaneous, inspiration has no time clock.  Currently I am a mad man at this moment crafting my own backdrops, destroying and recreating.



3. How would you describe the lighting/mood of your photography? 
–  I am inspired by classical painting compositions such as Goya, Degas, Picasso  (Blue Period) and Van Gogh.  So by studying and admiring these beautiful bodies of work, it has set off tones in my photography.  I guess my lighting you can call it Rembrandt lighting, simple set up with natural light or one set up.
Lighting is something I go through in phases, like one big circle.  I’ve been in a natural light (inside and out) phase for about 10 years and recently have begun to use more reflectors, softboxes etc.


4. What have some of your biggest personal accompaniments, pertaining to your art, been? 
–  Cohesive color schemes, collages and some form of provoking thought.



5. What inspires you when you’re doing your graphic design work? 
– I admire the action of it, making the watercolors, transferring the photos to Illustrator, then crafting a design.
I especially admire seeing a happy personal client or business related.


6. What’s next for the Freddy Camargo brand? 
– I think I will just continue on my flow and let it take me where I belong.  I do want to rebuild my portfolio and website and my hope is to get more art work into galleries and inspire others. I’m thankful for lots of support from family, friends and other fellow artists and I do hope to contribute more to the community.


View Freddy Camargo’s website and work here.


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