Q&A with Sam Wilson

How do you describe your art, and what’s your favorite way to create (painting, collage, sculpture…)? 

The first words that come to mind are direct and intentional. Most paintings start with a idea or visualization and then I collect photo references and begin the layout process. As I work through the piece I have an idea of the direction I want it to go, but also let the painting take the lead sometimes.
For my exhibition opening May 2 and 3 at Flight Gallery my intention was to paint emotion. Something everyone can relate to, so the viewer may have a connection to each piece in their own unique way. Its not about people it is about humanity.

What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by everything. I see no reason to limit what can inspire me. My work is constantly evolving so my source for inspiration continues to grow with that.

What’s something that you can’t live without in your studio/when you’re creating? 

Besides the obvious of paints, brushes and a surface I tend to make sure I have a cup of coffee before I dive in for the day. Also it is important that I have a clean organized work space.

How can someone order a custom piece from you? 

Just contact me any way is easiest for you.

Email –  spotslims@gmail.com

Instagram – @spot_slim

Facebook – Spot Slim

Phone – (319) 993-2578

And something we ask all our featured artists Why do you think places like Blue Star are important for local creative communities? 

It is important for artist to be able to have a hub to interact with each other as well as art collectors. Going and seeing other people engaged and inspired by work is a great way to become inspired yourself. Also it is a great place to see how the public responds to your work so you may be able to shift and grow as an artist.


Sam Wilson is a self taught oil painter based in San Antonio, TX whose main focus is realism. Born in 1986 originally from Wichita KS Sam was interested in art from a young age. In high school Sam took a number of art classes but his main focus was in ceramics. After high school Sam attended Butler Community College with a small scholarship for art. There he took a few design classes as well as sculpture. From there he attended The University of Kansas with a focus in Marketing Communications. After a year at KU at the age of 23 Sam took a break from university during which he painted his first oil painting under the guidance of his father, Kent Wilson. From that point on he never looked back.

Sam has shown his work in several venues in Wichita and San Antonio as well as a number of competitions all over the United States. Among other recognition in 2015 his piece “American Busker” was selected as a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize  in Houston. In 2016 he was the first place winner of the Jerry’s Artarama Portrait Contest. Sam has original and commissioned artwork in private collections throughout Texas and the United States. Sam currently lives and works in San Antonio, TX.