Seducing Your Mate: 101, Dance with Giraffe the Giraffe

This Thursday at Blue Star you’ll find a live performance piece like no other.


For one night only, Eden Collins will be performing as her character Giraffe the Giraffe in Seducing Your Mate: 101, Dance with Giraffe the Giraffe on Thursday, December 14th from 8-9pm.



Tell us a bit about your performance alter-ego, Giraffe the Giraffe. 
Giraffe the Giraffe (pronounced her-affe the giraffe) is one of several characters I have created as part of an ongoing series of work I am developing. Currently, Giraffe is the only animal character I have created. Giraffe is a bit of celebrity in the world of exercise gurus. They are coming to San Antonio to teach the Seduce Your Mate 101: Dance with Giraffe the Giraffe class to promote their upcoming exercise video series of the same name. Giraffe plans to develop a line of exercise gear, which they hope to launch in 2018.


What inspired the character and the creation of this piece? 
Much of my work addresses the creation of identity and the self. My characters operate as hyperboles of compartments of my personality, and they challenge our understanding of our own identities by unveiling the typically hidden sides of our selves, the sides we keep tucked away. Giraffe the Giraffe is an overtly sexual creature and wants to help the world embrace their own sexuality, regardless of their species, which is why they created their inter-species exercise series.


Where can people find out more about you and your work? 
I am a graduate student completing my MFA at the University of Texas at San Antonio, which is where I have my studio. Additionally, my website is, and my Instagram handle is @edencollins_art. I can be reached with questions through my website and via Instagram.


Find out more about the event and RSVP here.