Sukeban (スケバン/女番/スケ番) Boss Girl: Contemporary Japanese Fare Joins Southtown

Japanese dines finally to Southtown.


And for restauranteur Gerry Shirley, he was mostly excited about the energy of Blue Star for this kind of attraction, a ‘sushi and champagne bar’ offering (also) cocktail specialties like his Bar Du Mon Ami’s, and hot wagyu beef stone-plates.


He says his wife is the boss girl behind Mon’s neighbor Mon Thai, and so of course, “Sukeban,” incorporating sexy Japanese anime on every wall space alongside burned pine foundations.


“The concept has been loading for a couple of years. Sushi is not a joking food, there’s a serious to it, too. But it touches on local culture, and by local I mean it ties in with whats going on here.”


Sushi is special, and so is the cultivating culinary venue of the area for this covet. Sukeban will derive influences from streetful places around the world, something innovative, a Japanese concept we’ve been hoping to see for San Antonio.


The walkability of the area is a major plus for the parking, also. With streets moving about, and during most popular First Thursday’s and Friday’s, Sukeban works at Blue Star for new kinds of item sharings.


The restaurant will open delicately, with some smaller events this month.


Those who know are looking forward to the whole environment, the food, and this pair of partners victory with a killer yo-yo to come back and visit often.